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Taking a hike and going underwater with Picture Day

Yeah, I skipped last week. I stink.

So last time we were in Grenada, ready to head off on our cruise south toward Venezuela. We sailed southwest to Los Testigos islands, which are part of Venezuela's offshore possessions. It was a nice stop - the islands are tiny and sparsely inhabited, but they're very pretty. We took a hike in the morning up to the top of one of the islands. The Bataan Death March paled in comparison to the hike! Our captain told us that it was a rough march, but we did it anyway! It was humid and hot and hard work, but the view was worth it.

This is the island as we approached it on the boat.

Here we are climbing to the top. Well, not me - I had already made it. Hence the ability to take a picture of other people climbing to the top.

This is one of the nice views from the top.

Another nice view from the top. On the other island is where most of the people live - that beach facing us is the site of the "village," which is a generous term.

Later that day it was time for snorkeling! We bought an underwater disposable camera, and the pictures came out okay. Here's me.

Sea urchins are nasty little creatures, apparently. We didn't step on this one, because we're not stupid.

This is just a nice underwater scene.

We sailed to Margarita Island that night, and then flew deep into the interior of Venezuela. But those pictures will have to wait until next week!

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