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The Women of Jerry, Part 3

After the truncated first season and the pilot, the second season of Seinfeld actually featured 12 whole episodes! It's not as long as the rest of the seasons, but at least it's something! So let's check out the women in Jerry's life in 1991.

Episode One, "The Ex-Girlfriend" (aired 23 January 1991). In this episode, George dumps Marlene but leaves some books behind in her apartment. Jerry agrees to go pick them up, and he becomes involved with her. He tells Kramer she has a "psycho-sexual" hold over him. George, it turns out, doesn't care. Marlene eventually dumps him because she doesn't like his act. Marlene is played by Tracy Kolis, who actually reappeared a few years later in an episode in a different role. She had roles in Mad About You, Coach, and NYPD Blue, so I guess that's something! I'm going to give Ms. Kolis a Fame Rating of 3 out of 10, because her role as Jerry's girlfriend is pretty memorable, far more than Lynn Clark in the first season.

Episode Two, "The Pony Remark" (aired 30 January 1991). Jerry kills a relative because he says only spoiled rich kids have ponies. Then he frets about whether he should go to his softball game or the funeral. He has no girlfriend in the episode.

Episode Three, "The Jacket" (aired 6 February 1991). Jerry again has no girlfriend. This is a great episode because of the presence of Laurence Tierney as Elaine's father.

Episode Four, "The Phone Message" (aired 13 February 1991). In this episode, Jerry and his girlfriend argue about the Dockers commercial, and then she gets even more upset when he tells his friends about it. His girlfriend Donna is played by Gretchen German, who looks a lot different in this photo than she did on the show. Ms. German also guest-starred her way through the 1990s, although she never made a big splash. She was in Wings, Murder, She Wrote, Coach, NYPD Blue, Home Improvement, Deep Space Nine, Chicago Hope, and Beverly Hills 90210. Her role wasn't as memorable as Marlene's, but I'm still giving her a Fame Rating of 3 out of 10, because her role (among others) helped establish early on that the show was going to be about nothing, and she did a good job selling that concept.

Episode Five, "The Apartment" (aired 4 April 1991). Jerry's upstairs neighbor dies and Jerry gets Elaine into the building, then regrets it. He has no girlfriend in this episode.

Episode Six, "The Statue" (aired 11 April 1991). Jerry gets his apartment cleaned by a student who's dating an author who Elaine is editing. The student supposedly steals a statue from Jerry's apartment. No girlfriend.

Episode Seven, "The Revenge" (aired 18 April 1991). George quits his job and then tries to get revenge. Jerry thinks the laundromat guy stole money from him and tries to get revenge. Jerry has no girlfriend.

Episode Eight, "The Heart Attack" (aired 25 April 1991). When George thinks he has a heart attack, he ends up in the hospital. The doctors tell him to get his tonsils out, but he sees a naturalist friend of Kramer's first (a very funny Stephen Tobolowsky). Hilarity ensues. Jerry remains girlfriend-less.

Episode Nine, "The Deal" (aired 2 May 1991). One of my all-time least favorite episodes. Elaine and Jerry think they can have sex and still remain friends, but they can't. I suppose Elaine counts as his girlfriend in this one, so she gets a Fame Rating of 10 out of 10 (it's Elaine, for crying out loud!). Why don't I like this episode? At the end of the episode they're still together! Did they work out a new deal? What is, indeed, the deal?

Episode Ten, "The Baby Shower" (aired 16 May 1991). Elaine holds a baby shower in Jerry's apartment. The woman was George's worst date ever. Kramer wants to hook up Jerry with illegal cable. Remember when that was a big deal? No girlfriend in sight!

Episode Eleven, "The Chinese Restaurant" (aired 23 May 1991). A classic. "Who's Cartwright?" "I'm Cartwright!" But, alas, no girlfriend.

Episode Twelve, "The Busboy" (aired 26 June 1991). George and Kramer allow a busboy's cat to escape. Many hijinks thereafter! Jerry remains sans girlfriend!

Boy, the early years were rough on Jerry, weren't they? 17 episodes in and he's only had four girlfriends, really. We'll check back in with the next season soon. Things might pick up for him then!

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Blogger Roger Green said...

Well, how many girlfriends have you had in 17 episiodes of YOUR life?

16/2/07 1:20 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

That's unfair. I'm a LOSER. Jerry is a total player!

16/2/07 5:45 PM  
Blogger Woody! said...

After this, your next challenge is the girlfriends in Dream On. It seems to have a similar relationship to the Girls of Jerry.

18/2/07 4:34 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, but I've never watched the show, Woody. So it might be a bit more difficult!

18/2/07 4:37 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

What episode did Tracy Kolis play in other than "The Ex-Girlfriend"?

"Jeeery, I don't know sometimes."

20/2/07 2:38 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Jeff - according to the sources, she played a waitress in a 1994 episode. I don't remember it, and haven't seen her in it. If it aired, I imagine her part was so small she didn't register.

20/2/07 7:37 PM  

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