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Krys loves Halloween

See? She gets so excited about Halloween. She has never decorated since we moved here, and this year she was very keen on it. That thing in the last picture on the right is what was stolen a couple weeks ago. (Some girl actually told Krys their family had one like it, and Krys resisted the temptation to ask if her teenaged brother brought it home one day.) It wasn't expensive, so Krys bought another one. It was dark when I took that picture, but the flash lit up the scene like a bomb blast. Otherwise, you would have been able to see the blue light emanating from the ghoul. Many people commented on how freaky it was, so I guess Krys was happy.

Mia went out to trick or treat for the first time, and she had a fun time, even though I didn't take her out very long. It was chilly and she was noticeably tired. But she enjoyed herself. Krys and Norah hung out at home handing out candy. I didn't get a picture of Krys in her costume, but I took a group picture after Mia and I got home:

A good time for the whole family! Now I get to eat Mia's candy, because we doubt if she will!

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