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What have we learned - Week 14

Boy, aren't we all looking forward to the Cincinnati-Seattle Super Bowl? I know I am!

After Philadelphia's awful showing on Monday night, I wasn't expecting much out of my beloved Beagles against the Giants. But they played well, took New York to OT, and had some chances to win. This just proves once again that the Giants will probably win the NFC East, but they won't last long in the playoffs. Eli Manning keeps throwing BAD interceptions. Three yesterday. Will Andy Reid run the ball more next year? Since McNabb really got hurt, and especially since he's been out, the Beagles have run the ball pretty well. Wouldn't that be nice if next year Westbrook ran for a thousands yards?

The Cardinals were blacked out here (fancy that - they didn't sell out!) but they lost on a kickoff return. It's strange to watch Arizona (on the road, of course) - they have a decent quarterback (when there's no pressure on him) and two great receivers and a couple of other good ones, but they can't score touchdowns. Literally - they are unable to do it. If they ever get to the 10-yard line, they should just kick the field goal on first down and save some time, because they're certainly not putting it in the end zone.

Cincinnati had trouble with Cleveland, but that's okay, because it was a divisional game, and they're always tricky. I was a bit surprised by the closeness of the game, but it proves a point about a team like, say, the Colts - Carson Palmer had a bad game, and Rudi Johnson's big game almost went for naught. Stop Peyton Manning, teams, not Edgerrin James! Stop Carson Palmer, not Rudi Johnson!

Speaking of the Colts, the game was over when the Jaguars allowed them to drive right down the field on the first drive. They played okay after that, but you can't let the Colts go right down the field like that. They put some good pressure on Manning, and that's why they were in the game. Put pressure on Manning, teams! Let James beat you. Stop Manning!

The Bears went down to ignominious defeat. Okay, maybe not so ignominious, but it was a bad game for them. I love the NFL - the Steelers haven't been able to run for a few weeks, so of course against the best defense in the league they run wild. Interesting.

Brad Johnson for MVP? Why the hell not?

I didn't watch a minute of the Oakland-New York Jets game. Apparently the players on the Jets don't necessarily want to draft Reggie Bush and played well. Imagine that - the current players don't want to be replaced by a new guy. Shocking!

The Texans moved closer to getting Reggie Bush with one of the worst field goal misses in NFL history. Boy, that was lousy. If you're the Texans, do you draft Bush, Leinart, or Young? Leinart, I think, will be the better pro player - Bush is very nice and all, but Gale Sayers never took his teams to a championship, much less the playoffs, and I'm still not sold on Young. Get rid of David Carr and take Leinart!

Why the Seahawks will win the NFC - the Tampa-Carolina game. Whenever either of these teams has a chance to pull away in that division, they lose a winnable game. This time it was the Panthers blowing a game at home. You can't lose that game, Panthers, and expect to win the conference.

The Patriots are sneaking around at 8-5, and who the hell knows what they can do in the playoffs? Look the hell out for the Patriots.

Seattle 83, Last Two Opponents 3. Yes, it was the neutered Beagles and the 49ers, but still. They should waltz through the playoffs.

San Diego blew a crucial game at home, and they also don't deserve to make the playoffs because of that. I just don't understand how you can lose that game. What the hell happened to LaDanian Tomlinson?

Dallas is another unimpressive team. Yes, they won the game, but whenever I turned the game on, the Chiefs were running up and down the field. If they make the playoffs, they'll lose quickly. Meanwhile, although the Chiefs lost, I think they make the playoffs by default, because they're slightly better than the Chargers and Steelers.

The Broncos won ugly. I'm glad I skipped that game.

Why you're the Lions: you score 13 points in the first quarter and lose, 16-13, in overtime. That's pathetic. I didn't watch this game, either, because as bad as the afternoon announcers are in praising Nancy-Boy Favre, the ESPN guys on Sunday night think EVERY player is the greatest ever, and they especially drool over Nancy-Boy, to the extent that whenever Theismann or Maguire opens his mouth to fellate Favre, I scream "Get a room!" I didn't want to disturb my family, so I didn't watch the game.

Why don't I like the Colts? Is it just mean-spiritedness? Shouldn't I like them? They're relatively unobjectionable. I don't know - they just piss me off. Go, San Diego next week! And go, Seattle on Christmas Eve!


Blogger HCaldwell said...

I hope you don't mind, but I recently linked back to one of your earlier postings. (greatest guest stars in history)

After the Bear's humiliating loss, I have given up on football for the rest of the season. It is strictly hockey from here on out.

13/12/05 2:16 PM  

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