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My heart's not really in the football picks

After last week's Monday Night Debacle (the worst shutout in MNF history - good job, Eagles!), I've given up on Philadelphia for this year. They've been good for a while, though, so I'll give them a year off. If next year goes like this year, I fear the downward spiral will overtake them once again, and they will revert to standard default mode of Philadelphia sports franchises - i.e., sucking.

So I'm probably not watching a lot of football this week - the Eagles host the Giants, but they're going to lose big-time, so I may or may not watch the game. My parents and sister are coming here soon, so there's a lot we have to do in the next two weekends. Football may get the shaft!

However, I figured I'd still pick the games. Why not?

ARIZONA (+4) 20, Washington 13. Washington is fading, and the Cardinals, now that they're out of the playoff picture, are starting to play well. Look for the upset in the desert!
CAROLINA (-5.5) 21, Tampa 17. Neither team is really inspiring me. The NFC sucks this year, just like it has for the past few years. Neither of these teams will be able to beat the Seahawks in Seattle in January.
New England (-3.5) 24, BUFFALO 10. Are the Patriots the luckiest team in the league? Despite all the injuries and the aging of the roster, they play in a sucky division so they're going to win it. And once they get into the playoffs, they might be dangerous. This is the year that Brady loses his first playoff game, but they still might be dangerous.
MINNESOTA (-7) 23, St. Louis 16. The Vikings in the playoffs? Stranger things have happened.
Chicago (+6) 17, PITTSBURGH 13. I have been picking against the Bears for a while. No more! How are they SIX-point underdogs against the Steelers? Has no one been watching this Steeler team recently?
Oakland (-3) 24, NEW YORK JETS 14. The Jets suck. Really bad.
Indianapolis (-8) 20, JACKSONVILLE 10. I want the Jaguars to win, I really do. I just don't think they will. Stupid Colts. They're hard to like. I got sick of the Patriots, and last year I wanted them to lose, but I have nothing against them. I just don't like the Colts.
TENNESSEE (-6.5) 19, Houston 10. The end of the David Carr Era is at hand! And lo, there shall come a Longhorn to save the decrepit franchise! And lo, people shall know that Mr. Vincent Young is overrated!
CINCINNATI (-12) 35, Cleveland 14. Braylon Edwards is gone, and so is the Browns' passing game. Reuben Droughns can't keep them in the game. The Bengals get a couple of quick touchdowns and coast.
New York Giants (-9) 27, PHILADELPHIA 7. The Eagles will not win another game. How, pray tell, will they score any points? They have a junior varsity team out there. I will be there live when they play in Tempe on Christmas Eve. I don't expect to like the result much.
SEATTLE (-10) 34, San Francisco 10. The Seahawks almost blew the game in San Fran earlier this year. Yeah, that won't happen again.
SAN DIEGO (-13) 28, Miami 14. A steady dose of Tomlinson wins the game for the SuperChargers.
DENVER (-14) 31, Baltimore 13. There's no way the Broncos lose this after what happened to them last week.
Kansas City (+3) 27, DALLAS 21. Another mysterious line. Yes, it's in Dallas, but did anyone watch the games last week? The Cowboys are another team ready to circle the drain. The Giants win the NFC East by default.
GREEN BAY (-6) 21, Detroit 10. The Lions are another team who might not win another game. Unfortunately, Nancy-Boy Favre gets a win so everyone automatically starts praising him again.
ATLANTA (-10.5) 28, New Orleans 6 (Monday Night). The Saints are not good. Move them to San Antonio already!

Penn State is an early 8-point favorite over Florida State in the Orange Bowl. If Michael Robinson doesn't make any ridiculous mistakes, and the special teams even out, Paterno's boys should pound Bowden's boys. That would be nice.

Last week I was 11-5 (with the Monday Night pick best forgotten), so I'm 110-66 for the year. Enjoy the football!


Blogger Gary said...

Nothing to do with football, but I thought you might find this interesting:

Hope the games were good, etc...

10/12/05 9:40 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

The Giants often make games they should win WAY too difficult. I watched only the 4th quarter and OT.

12/12/05 2:58 AM  

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