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More pictures from Tasmania

Even though I took the week off from the links, it's still picture day here on the blog, and that means we set the Way-Back Machine for 1992 again, and more fun from my visit to Tasmania in March of that year. First, however, it's a bonus from this weekend! My parents are visiting, as my faithful readers (hi, all six of you!) well know, and my father eats anything. I say that literally. Here is the list of things he will not eat:

1. Shredded coconut
2. Raisins cooked in things
3. Cranberries

THREE things! Those are the only things in his 62 years that he has discovered he does not like. So my mom was at IKEA this weekend and bought this:

Abba Swedish Herring in Garlic Sauce! How disgustingly awesome is this? I think she bought it just because the brand name is Abba. You'll recall that a certain 1970s Swedish supergroup totally rules. My mom thinks so too. My dad loves this stuff. Posted by Picasa

Last week I posted pictures from Tasmania and I provided a map for your edification. Here it is again!

 Posted by Picasa

See how I care about you? We left off on the west coast of the island, near the town of Strahan and MacQuarrie Harbour. We were cruising around on a big boat and going to visit Sarah Island, the oldest convict settlement in Tasmania. It's a neat little place. The picture below is the old penitentiary.

 Posted by Picasa

We toured the harbour and the Gordon River that feeds it, and eventually went out the narrow neck at the top of the harbour, which is known as Hell's Gate. This is the lighthouse on the one side of the gate.

 Posted by Picasa

That evening, while we were strolling on the beach, we came upon a beached whale. It was quite the tourist attraction. Later on they got him back out into the water, so that he could be hunted down and killed with impunity!

 Posted by Picasa

This final picture is of my traveling companions walking along the beach. I just like the setting and the composition, if I may be so pretentious.

 Posted by Picasa

So that's picture day for this week. I hope to have more time this week to surf the Internet, so links will probably be back next Sunday. I know you can't stand the withdrawal!


Blogger The Disgruntled Chemist said...

Wow. Herring in garlic sauce.

Nothing like a nice creamy sauce to go with your pickled fish in a jar, eh?

I bet you can smell that stuff coming out of your pores for a week - especially out there in Hell, er, Mesa.

19/7/05 12:15 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

We've been trying to stay away from my dad for the past few days ...

19/7/05 6:42 AM  

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