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The links, the links - they're driving me mad!

Well, it's Sunday, and Happy Father's Day to any fathers out there, and Happy 19 June to everyone else. I know you're dying to sign my GuestMap, aren't you? The latest sucker - I mean cool person - is Adjunct Kait, whose blog I recently discovered. Hi, Kait! She has a nifty idea about writing a poem that I have to steal soon.

Okay, it's Sunday, and the links are coming fast and loose. For some reason, I seem awfully angry about politics today. Please bear with me. But first, other stuff!

Comics and their related kin. You're still not reading comics? Are you a Commie????

Johanna gets an Ultimate Fantastic Four subscription card in her Entertainment Weekly. I don't know why comic book companies don't advertise in "mainstream" media more often, so I'm all for this.

I stole this picture from Dave's Long Box. Why? Because I can! Posted by Hello

Ian looks at Avengers #107, the comic book that references itself. Anyone still want footnotes in comics back?

This is a Marvel comic. I kid you not. Fred Hembeck writes an article on The Adventures of Pussycat, Marvel's 1960s-spy-sex-parody caper comic. It's very interesting. The '60s were happening, man! Posted by Hello

Scott gives us onSTAR: the superhero version!

Scott (a different one) links to Peter von Sholly's web site, where you can find lots of neat stuff (check out the dinosaurs-in-World War Two comic book cover that Scott has at his site).

Brian Hibbs has an interesting perspective on company-wide crossovers and why DC and Marvel don't learn their lessons.

Jay Pinkerton gives us a Batman Begins primer! Where would we be without you, Jay?

More great Silver Age quotes - this time from the JLA. Here's one: "I'm powerless except from the waist down!" I wish I could make this stuff up.

Why you don't piss off Superman. It's not necessarily why you think.

Yes, it's just an excuse for a cheesecake picture of Yvonne Craig, but Mister Snitch has a link to a bunch of Batman links! Quality stuff! Posted by Hello

The always-fun political stuff. Because nothing brings people together like politics!

The Saudis are bringing slaves into the United States. Lots of links in the post. Ladies and gentlemen, our allies!

Speaking of our allies, they're exempt from nuke inspections. Now, they don't have nukes, but God forbid we check them out. Countries who are our allies now will always be our allies, so we don't have to keep an eye on them, right?

General Tom Friedman thinks we should bring back the draft. More good news for the Bushites.

A bronze calf has been erected by Wyoming Republicans. Would I lie about something as ironic as this? It comes from Pharyngula, who got it from Amygdala.

Here's a story about canned salmon. It may not sound like much, but you do know what they do to canned salmon, don't you? Ick. This comes from Balloon Juice.

An interesting take on African debt relief. I'm currently reading a book that sort of ties into this, so I'll have more to say on African debt relief soon. Won't that be fun!

Speaking of Africa, this right-wing blogger says Africa's problems aren't Bush's fault. You know what? I agree with her. Bush has a lot more to answer for than not helping Africa, because a long succession of presidents haven't helped Africa either.

Ten reasons to close Guantanamo. There is an interesting rebuttal in the comments section, as well.

There's been a bit of a buzz on the Internets about the anti-homosexual boot camp in Tennessee. It's been getting attention because one of the inmates has a blog. Blogs - is there anything they can't do? I've seen this a lot of places, but I saw it first on Welcome to the Sideshow. This is just sickening. People who send their kids to this place should be shot.

A story about selling girls into sexual slavery. More shit no one in power cares about, but should. From Balloon Juice.

Women protest in Tehran. I'd be more worried about Iran if I didn't know that everyone under the age of 30 hates the fundamentalist government. It's not long for this world.

Caliban points us to an article about government interference in airlines in Texas. Apparently they don't like a free market in Bush's home state, because it might hurt American Airlines! Shocking!

Speaking of Texas (I don't mean to pick on it, really!), the Supreme Court overturned one of their many death sentences because they said the defendant, who's black, didn't get a fair jury. I'm a little squeamish about this. On the one hand, I totally believe that prosecutors would cheat to get people who are naturally predisposed to think black people are all evil on a jury. On the other hand, do we really want to start insisting each racial type gets its own jury? That bugs me.

Heretical Ideas links to two different stories about Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google aiding China block words like "freedom" from Chinese bloggers. Yes, it's true. Money above all else, after all!

I mentioned this a couple of days ago, but it's worth repeating: the GOP has introduced a bill to repeal the 22nd Amendment so Bush can serve more than 2 terms. This is the mindset of these people - we can't fight the crap, so we'll get Mr. Popular elected again. This bill was introduced in February, and Mr. Popular is no longer quite so much, so I doubt this has any chance, but it's interesting how we didn't hear about it.

A Kansas preacher is planning on protesting a soldier's funeral. In Idaho! He picked her at random, apparently, and claims God killed her in revenge for his church being bombed. Now, I don't support the troops, but this is just ridiculous. And tacky. And rude. But it's America - we don't care about those things anymore! Rude? It's God's Will that he protests!

Because God forbid the United States government is the only one that puts the all-mighty dollar above civil rights, the Australian government allows the Chinese to interrogate Chinese dissidents on Australian soil. Yeah, you may have to read that again. Why does everyone crap their pants when the Chinese are involved? We need Jack Bauer to go in there are fuck some shit up.

Jim Henley links to a story in which it is revealed that the United States and Russia are the only ones opposing an investigation into the Uzbek massacre from a few months back. What has happened to our sweet land of liberty? Can anyone help me out here?

Here's another story I've seen a couple places, but first on Balloon Juice:
Philip Cooney, who was working for the administration's environmental policy council, will go to work for ExxonMobil in the fall. Bwah-ha-ha. Meanwhile, Exxon denies that fossil fuels cause global warning. Boy, that's news, ain't it? I'm sure Bush will come out and say they now have conclusive proof it doesn't.

I'm sure you've heard about this, but it's worth pointing out: Arnold Schwarzeneggar jeered at a graduation speech. Again, I'm of two minds about this. Sure, it's fun to jeer him if you don't like him. But what happened to respect? Don't vote for him if you don't like him.

Wal-Mart has done it again. I don't know if this is country-wide, but in West Virginia, the company has instituted new availability guidelines. It means everyone has to be available for any shift from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., regardless of seniority or extenuating circumstances (like single mothers who can't get babysitting all the time). Go, Wal-Mart! This is from Echidne of the Snakes.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, John Cole links to an actual ode to Wal-Mart. Fascinating!

The Rude Pundit, in his foul-language way, encourages college Republicans to volunteer for duty. Your country needs you! Hey, the Bush girls are eligible for duty. What are the chances they sign up?

Pope Benedict wants unity. Well, shit, who doesn't? I assume by "unity" he means, "everyone acknowledging that Catholics are right." How could he mean anything else?

The Deputy Attorney General says the United States can hold prisoners in perpetuity. I'll ask again: what the hell happened to this country?

Why we will lose the war in Iraq. Unpatriotic bastard!

The Seattle high school from which Jimi Hendrix graduated refuses to allow military recruiters, telling No Child Left Behind to go screw itself. This is a provision of NCLB, and a lot of high schools are starting to tell the military to step off! Way to go, high schools!

Hey, remember Dick Durbin and what he said about Guantanamo being as bad as Nazi death camps? Yeah, I thought it was pretty dumb too, but here's what the FBI agent actually wrote. In case Republicans need to know, there's also a lengthy discussion about why any torture isn't okay. That's what it's come to: we need to tell people why Americans shouldn't torture people.

More on Dick Durbin, as Newt Gingrich wants to censure him. This may be one of the dumber ideas Newt's ever had, but of course, conservative bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Bush admits to mistakes in Iraq! Well, okay - rhetorical mistakes. He now plans to "accentuate the positive." Our president - always thinking! This is from the Huffington Post.

This is funny. Scott McClellan, it appears, is completely incapable of giving a straight answer! It's almost painful to read. I wish I could see video of it.

Strike the Root gives us an old but excellent essay on anarchy (from Jan. 2004) and the many instances of using the United States military abroad. Very interesting stuff. I consider myself an anarchist, and the first essay nails it perfectly.

Catallarchy has a very interesting post and a link to this article, which is about a drug specifically designed for black people. Really fascinating.

Here's a quote by Chris Wallace of Fox News on the Hugh Hewitt show. He's talking about the prisoners in Auschwitz in comparison to the prisoners in Guantanamo. The quote is ... well, check it out yourself. The link is courtesy of Atrios.

Is the Iraq death toll higher than reported?

I haven't seen it, but this guy dissects the fact that Newsweek blames Mark Felt for September 11. Yes, that's what I just wrote. This link is from Firedoglake.

Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel says we're losing in Iraq. Oh dear - that won't sit well with our president and his cabal. I found this on the Huffington Post.

All this bad news must mean that Bush is at least considering something different in Iraq, right? Well, um, no.

Oregon resumes issuing medical marijuana cards. Screw you, federal government!

Thoughts on the future of the Democrats. Links to other ideas as well.

Uproar over gay-themed books. I don't know, I've read my share of gay-themed books, and I've never felt like "going gay." Apparently children are just so vulnerable that even reading about them will make them flame up!

The funny stuff. After the politics, we need to laugh at stuff that's supposed to be funny.

This can't be real, can it? Anal sex in accordance with God's will. Sweet Merciful Jeebus! On the page you will find a link to Biblical justification for a threesome. Oh. My. God. These are from Tom Peyer.

Peyer also asks the crucial question: What Would Jesus Suck? He links to the Christian Dollar Store, where you can buy them!

For anyone who is creeped out by the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes pairing (TomKat, I read somewhere - ha ha), Sean Maher gives you Tom's real identity! Not for the squeamish!

Business etiquette. If you've ever worked in an office, you will recognize the wisdom in these words.

A new, better, Republican Jesus. You know they want it this way!

The Mad Monk Barbarossa also links to a bunch of anti-Bush stuff, including this excellent short film that shows what would happen if Jesus ran against Bush in an election.

Pages ripped from children's books. Not for children! It's Jay Pinkerton, so that should be obvious!

Various and Sundry gives us CSI with stick figures. It's good. My mom loves that show - she should check this out.

The waiter tries to serve food to a woman on a diet. Sure, it's sexist, but it's funny.

Great debates! No, it's not Lincoln-Douglas or Kennedy-Nixon, but it's close. You decide!

Layne has decided to do a comic strip. Here is the first installment, and here is the second one. Another reason why all blogs are better than mine - I would never think of clever stuff like that.

Touched by Morgan Freeman. There's a long tradition that kings could cure disease just by touching someone. In 21st-century America, our royalty is celebrity. Therefore, this makes sense.

Paul Lynde Hollywood Squares humor. Very funny. Remember when you could be subtle about your gay sex references and get it past the censors? "Subtle" is another word that seems to have fallen out of our vocabulary. I stole this from Mr. Snitch.

Zombie Tom goes for a job that is perfectly suited for him. Good luck, ZT!

Walker goes shopping. So what, say you? Just check out the pictures of him shopping. Funny stuff.

What B2 sees when he reads Goodnight Moon. If you're a parent, you must read this shocking exposé about this beloved children's classic!

Jimmy Olson and a hot dog. So not what you think.

John Cole wants captions for this photograph! Posted by Hello

Miscellaneous. It's like the cigarette at the end of good sex!

The Great Curve links to the web site for Oceanic Airlines. So what, say you? Come on, people! Oceanic is the airline from Lost. It's very real-looking.

A bunch of pictures of Norway. From Shane Bailey, who steals my schtick with a lot of links. I guess I'll allow it, because they're pretty interesting.

Look at this picture. Posted by Hello Okay, did you look at it? That's a robot. Read more about it at Ace of Spades, which makes the obvious point that it's a Japanese guy and, well, he's a guy. It's not the stated purpose, but what do you think these will be used for?

A friend of mine is having some issues with kidney stones. Because he's a geek, he tells us about it as if it were Star Wars. Fun stuff. Feel better, Mad Monk!

Science and Politics links to this story, which isn't funny but will make you laugh anyway: Man accused of beating his girlfriend with a Bible. Who knew its many uses?

Speaking of things that aren't funny (but absolutely won't make you laugh), here's an update on the Ohio school rape. Grrr. The boys are pleading not guilty, claiming the sex with a developmentally disabled girl was mutual. As I mentioned before, if this happened to Mia, those kids wouldn't have gotten this far, because I would have killed them. There's also more on the principal who didn't want to call the cops because of the embarrassment it might cause the school. All this is from Digital Brownshirt.

What sustains deep undersea life? Let me tell you: it ain't pretty, but it is fascinating. John Cole pointed this out.

Yes, it's a hamburger blog. Andrew Sullivan gives it the publicity!

The Disgruntled Chemist links to this site, which claims the Earth is not moving. I can't decide if they're serious, but I have to believe they are. Science sux, man!

Dancing With the Stars beats the NBA Finals in ratings. Well, of course! Would you rather see Evander Holyfield and J. Peterman dancing or four of the absolute worst basketball games ever, and somehow strung in succession! The choice is easy!

Do you want your SUV to look like it's been out in the wild, without all that stupid driving to the wild itself? Of course you do! So get Spray-on mud! It's come to this, people. I found this on the Ministry of Information blog.

A teen gets it trouble for vomiting on a teacher. Sweet Fancy Moses!

Giving away dairy products is illegal in Pennsylvania. Luckily, this doesn't include cheese. Phew! This nugget of information is brought to you by Chris Cope.

This week they were hunting a killer hyena in Malawi. These sorts of things just don't happen in boring countries like the United States.

Balloon Juice links to the story about the high school principal who urged teachers to "reconsider" grades so the school could meet federal requirements. Sigh. No wonder our kids don't learn anything except that cheating is fine - adults don't give them any role models.

But then we get this story, about a San Diego principal changing the school's culture by refusing to coddle "at-risk" kids. Nice to see. This is from the Education Wonks blog.

Thomas was away this week, but his blog was still going strong! From it we get a story about getting fired for blogging! I'm glad I don't have a job, because that would be me.

Want to be a hitman? Who doesn't? Go here for more information. This has to be illegal, doesn't it? Roxy was bored at work, so she linked to this. Watch out, Roxy! Read the story above!

The Disgruntled Chemist found this. It's purty. Posted by Hello

And because it's so purty, we'll end there, with the world asleep, and no one angry at each other. Wouldn't that be nice? Be good, children!


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