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Great songs, according to me (part 2)

Less than a week left in my contest! Not that I'm pushing you to enter or anything.

RIP, Morty Seinfeld. Wherever he's going, let's hope he'll be wearing the Executive!

Anyway, more great songs, according to me. Here's part 1.

11. All I Gave (by World Party on the album Bang!, 1993): Karl Wallinger, the force behind World Party, wishes he was playing music in the 1960s. His stuff has a light, Beatles-esque, Stones-ish feel to it, and his lyrics are 1990s-left-leaning fluff - that's not to say they're bad, they're just typical of this kind of music. "All I Gave" ends this album (there's a short coda, but this is the last "real" song) and it shines with optimism and love for, well, everyone. Wallinger has done better songs, but this is great for its fluffiness.

12. All My Little Words (by the Magnetic Fields on the album 69 Love Songs, vol. 1, 1999): The second time Magnetic Fields has shown up on this list, with a cute little tune about the ephemeral nature of love. A great line: "Now that you've made me want to die, you tell me that you're unboyfriendable." The fact that it's sung lightly makes the words sting even more.

13. All That That Brings (by Straitjacket Fits on the album Hail, 1988): I bought this album in Auckland in 1992, and although it's not the greatest, this song strikes a chord with me. Shayne Carter, the lead singer, howls with passion on this song, which goes a long way. It's got that eerie, metallic guitar that was so prevalent at this time, but that doesn't diminish the music at all. The album is out of print, but I thought I'd mention the song anyway.

14. All The Answers (by Jesus Jones on the album Liquidizer, 1989): I always liked Jesus Jones, even before they blew up in 1991, and this is a nice little album (their first). "All The Answers" gets here because of the snarky little chorus: "I'm so pleased for you/I'm so pleased you have all the answers." Such a nice, nasty thing.

15. All Your Way (by Morphine on the album Yes, 1995): Ah, Mark Sandman, we hardly knew ye. Morphine died in 1999 when Sandman did, but they put out some bizarre and excellent music. A bass, a sax, and drums: that was Morphine. They sounded like you were on drugs, too - lazy and sly and wicked. "All Your Way" is a beautiful song, full of subtle lyrics and supple music: "I was raised with the strong of heart but if you touch me wrong I fall apart." Great.

16. Always On The Run (by Lenny Kravitz on the album Mama Said, 1991): Ah, Lenny. Breaking out the goofy lyrics ("My mama said that it's good to actual" - Wha?) over such a funky track - I'll forgive you. I love this song - the music kicks ass, Slash's guitar solo soars, and at the end there's a saxophone solo preceded by Lenny telling his mama to wait a minute because he, you guessed it, has to play a sax solo! Ah, the wackiness that is Lenny.

17. American Horse (by The Cult on the album Sonic Temple, 1989): Man, The Cult is a weird band. They were doing their ethereal, vague, New Agey thing for a while (Love is a fine album), then decided "fuck that" and went all heavy metal on Electric. This was a smash hit for them, and "American Horse" is a fabulous song, following up the power and glory that is "Sun King" and "Fire Woman." Ian sneers through the song, a tribute to American independence and spirit. An excellent snarly classic.

18. Amerika v. 6.0 (The Best We Can Do) (by Steve Earle on the album Jerusalem, 2002): I don't know if Earle counts as country, but if he does, he's the only country music I can stomach. This is a great song, full of anger about what's happening in our country as only someone who spent time in prison can wail about. It's full of sadly funny lines, too, about selling out and growing up: "I remember when we were both out on the boulevard talkin' revolution and singin' the blues/Nowadays letters to the editor and cheatin' on our taxes is the best that we can do." Sing it, Steve! I like when artists sing about their political convictions. It's like the '60s, man!

19. Amnesia (by Chumbawamba on the album Tubthumper, 1997): Yes, I know "Tubthumping" was played so much you wanted to shove knitting needles in your ears. This is still an excellent album. "Amnesia" is a joyous, fast-paced, techno goody with somewhat wistful lyrics ("Out with the old, cheated by the new"). Chumbawamba is a fun band who, despite their brush with radio success, has never strayed from their anarchist roots. You gotta love it!

20. Amsterdam (by Coldplay on the album A Rush Of Blood To The Head, 2002): Shit, this is a great album. I bought Parachutes and thought it was okay, but then this came out. Holy Crap is it good. This is the perfect song with which to end the album - it starts slow and quiet but builds to a stunning climax. Martin starts off by almost whispering such devastating lyrics like "I know I'm dead on the surface/But I am screaming underneath" and then the music kicks in and his volume goes up and the urgency goes up until we reach the brilliant finale: "Stood on the edge, tied to a noose/You came along and you cut me loose." I get shivers.

Well, that's all for now. Snotty comments about my musical taste (or lack thereof) are welcome!


Blogger Thomas said...

This might be heartless to say but Jerry's parents were always my leasy favorite part of Seinfeld.

25/3/05 4:57 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, but he's still dead. And the beltless trechcoat - genius!

Hmmm, Thomas - "Deckard1982"? A Blade Runner fan, I see.

25/3/05 5:01 PM  
Blogger Nik said...

Wow, Straightjacket Fits, good one. My wife introduced me to them many years ago, good Kiwi stuff. Ever heard The Chills?

25/3/05 5:06 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I forgot about your New Zealand connection, Nik. No, I've not heard the Chills. I was only in New Zealand for a week and in Auckland for a day and a half, so I didn't have a lot of time to browse music. Of course, once I got back to the States I couldn't find any of it.

26/3/05 8:46 AM  
Blogger Roxy said...

I must wholeheartedly endorse your endorsement of Coldplay's Amsterdam. The song makes me say "WOW." I also must add to the list of Magnetic Fields songs. My favorite is "How Fucking Romantic" because it is so bitterly funny.

28/3/05 10:30 AM  
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