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Odds and ends

In lieu of my normal comic-book buying post on Wednesday, I thought I would post olde-timey pictures that I have taken. I was in Australia in 1992, so I'll start with those. That's why that photo is below.

I was watching the Seinfeld episode where they get lost in the mall parking lot today. It's not one of the best ones, but something caught my eye. George uses the fact that they're lost to get an opening with a hot red head - he asks her if she wouldn't mind driving them around to look for their car. She says fine, and then seconds later throws them out because she's a Scientologist and George made fun of them. Well, the woman is Rita Sue from Carnivale. She's blonde now and, let's be honest, she's put on some weight, but it's her. Weird.

More fun stuff: A Playboy Playmate gets arrested. Worse yet, she apparently is living in a trailer. I'll probably go to hell for this, but here are pictures of her layout. Not suitable for work, obviously, unless you work at a porn bookstore.

And the news from the south just keeps getting weirder. IMAX is pulling a volcano movie in southern cities because it makes reference to evolution. Only in America!