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Television shows that should be on DVD

Don't forget about my contest! Details here. More out-of-context hilarity: "Four doubloons, captain." Trust me, it's funny when you read about it! I've received one big entry so far, and it's a hoot! You have until the end of the month!

Today, simply a list of television shows that I would buy if they came out on DVD. Your suggestions are welcome!

WKRP in Cincinnati: Yes, I know that it's probably never going to happen because of the licensing fees for all the songs (Tom the Dog has the link to the news story about it). But it would be nice - what a classic show.

Real People: This was a pseudo-news/reality/variety show from the early 1980s, with Sarah Purcell, Byron Allen, Fred Willard (funny even back then!) and that kid from A Christmas Story (Peter Billingsley, I think his name was). I used to watch it religiously. It's probably never coming to DVD, because it was too "of-the-moment" and wouldn't resonate with viewers today, but if you think about it, what show isn't "of-the-moment," really?

Square Pegs: This probably has the same problems WKRP does - lots of music, so licensing fees would be through the roof. But what a great show.

Manimal: You read that right. Read it again if you didn't believe it the first time. My wife pities me for my affection for the show.

It's Like, You Know: We thought this was really freakin' funny when it was. So of course, it only lasted a season and a half. I would love to own it.

Okay, so most of the shows I liked are already on DVD - The Greatest American Hero, The Dukes of Hazzard, Wise Guy to name a few - but these would be great. Anyone have other old favorites they would love to see again?


Blogger Lefty said...

Well I would love to see a DVD set of "The Voyagers", "That's Incredible", "Benson", and of course "Family Ties" and "The Facts of Life".

18/3/05 3:11 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, "That's Incredible," "Benson," and "Family Ties" would be cool - I never saw "The Voyagers," and I never liked "The Facts of Life" all that much. One of the greatest lines in television history (IMHO) is when the Keaton kids turn the house into a hotel while the Keaton parents are out of town for the weekend. Mayhem ensues, of course, and when Alex (it could have been Mallory, I suppose) asks Steven if he's going to be mad at them forever, he says, totally deadpan, "That is my plan." I don't know why that cracks me up so much, but it does. Good show.

18/3/05 3:32 PM  
Blogger layne said...

"There was a my living room." Haven't seen that show in 15 years, but I love it too.
My picks: "Hilarious House of Frightenstein," another music rights -heh- nightmare.

18/3/05 4:54 PM  
Blogger layne said...

Oh, and a region one DVD release of "Black Books," dagblastit!

18/3/05 5:24 PM  
Blogger tomthedog said...

I totally agree about It's Like, You Know.... It was often brilliant, and sadly underappreciated. And wasn't the other guy on Real People Skip Stevenson?

And I remember that Family Ties episode -- "That is mu plan." So funny. I was just asking someone yesterday why that show isn't on DVD. Well -- why isn't it??

18/3/05 8:12 PM  
Blogger Johnny B said...

Briscoe County
Strange Luck
American Gothic
The Tick (animated)

And boy, I'd give a pretty penny to see this show again! (Came on when I was 11, by the way)

Nice blog you have here! I saw it on the CWU page, but from the title I thought it was some foreign-language site that I couldn't read anyway so I haven't checked it out...then I discovered to my mortification that you have linked to me! I will rectify that ASAP.

18/3/05 9:43 PM  
Anonymous Dave Lartigue said...

I'm still holding out for 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' and 'Project U.F.O.'

I would totally rent 'Real People'. I loved that show.

19/3/05 8:59 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

It's amazing that there's probably a market for anything, but a lot of stuff still isn't out on DVD. I watched a few episodes of "American Gothic" and enjoyed it, and I would love to see "The Tick" - what a wild show. I wonder what goes into the thought process for deciding what gets the DVD treatment - how does "The Lone Gunmen" deserve it (I'm not saying anything about its quality, just its longevity) but not a lot of others?

I thought of another - "St. Elsewhere." Man, that would be cool.

19/3/05 10:07 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Whoops - sorry for the confusion, Johnny B. I can be a history geek as well as a comic book geek, so I went with good ol' Latin for the title.

19/3/05 10:08 AM  
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