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Let us all go surfing now, because everyone is learning how

Cruising the Internet so you don't have to!

Picture of the most beautiful small child in the world are up at my other blog. Check them out - you can't resist her beauty!

I saw a commercial tonight for Pepsi that integrated footage from Spartacus. Stanley Kubrick ought to be rolling in his grave.

Best blog ever. Only two entries so far. Come on, Allison! Let's go - we need information!

Heidi McDonald of The Beat always has interesting stuff. Here she has the most alarming thing ever. I wouldn't say ever, but it's alarming.

Learn to speak other languages, courtesy of the BBC. Thanks to Laura Gjovaag for the link.

It's an interview with Grant Morrison!

Why secret identities are stupid, courtesy of Johanna Draper Carlson.

There's a fight over the Superman copyright.

Remember Mad Dog? Yeah, me neither. Tom tells you why you should.

Tell Brian Cronin what recent comics you like!

Why do Republicans respect big business unless it interferes with their morality? Two senators want the FCC to regulate pay cable! Check it out here.

I can't figure out if this is serious or not. Help me out, folk!

Lots of good comics stories here. Too many to link to individually.

The continuing saga of Superman's origin. Funny stuff.

The Moderate Liberal has been to China. Read all about it.

This story comes from Kentucky. High school student writes short story about zombies, get arrested for terrorism. Only in America!

Is it me, or is Dorian being really gay recently? Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it's like he's born-again. Testify, brother!

Dazzler meets Galactus and for some reason it's listed in the "Marvel Hall of Shame"?

The lawyers at Suspension of Disbelief ask the age-old question: Is Batman Nuts?

Antonin Scalia doesn't want to hear any of that "government-by-the-people" crap.

Jesus v. Superman and Superman AS Jesus.

Tom Peyer has many funny things (including the last two links). Why has everyone suddenly discovered Spider-Man's Bible stories? I read it a couple of years ago. It's still funny.

The absurdity of Marvel comics.

Rich Johnston discusses V for Vendetta.

I haven't taken the Commonly Confused Words Test yet, but I will. Apparently it makes you feel stupid.

Whenever I forget to look at McSweeney's, they go and put something up that's just freakin' hilarious.

Wm. Stephen Humphrey compares reality-TV contestants to Jesus. Quite a lot of Jesus stuff going on this week.

Damn, that sure is a lot of stuff. Aren't you glad I have no life so that you can just jump to this stuff instead of finding it yourself? I suffer for you, my reading public!


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