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Update on my resolution, and other worrisome things

Well, I weighed myself yesterday and then forgot to post anything. I'm down to 223 pounds, meaning I only lost 1 pound in February. Many excuses, none of them good -- my lovely wife got laid off (more stress = more Snickers bars), and then, since she was home, she had more time to make cake. (Cake = good.) Damn her and her culinary wizardry! I exercised some more, but I also didn't track my food intake as well. I guess I'm happy I lost 1 pound, but this month ... well, we have two out-of-town visits (my father-in-law for a little more than a week starting tomorrow, and my parents the day after Easter), so we'll see. My father-in-law, in particular, likes Denny's. Damn Denny's and their excellent breakfasts!

Speaking of Denny's, maybe we'll have to take him to the Gay Denny's here in Phoenix. Those people in the area know what I'm talking about! It's strange, I was talking to a girl last night (on my soccer team, for those people who think I'm some kind of cheatin' perv) who's only been here six months, and she knows about the Gay Denny's. It should be in the tourist books!

Anyway, someone has to help me out with these musical questions:

1. What's the deal with Steven Tyler and transvestites? There's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" and that line about the "sweet-talking mama with a face like a gent" from "Sweet Emotion." Maybe it's because, for all intents and purposes, Tyler is a transvestite.

2. "Tiny Dancer" is about a hooker, isn't it? Help me out here, folk!

3. I love "You Can't Always Get What You Want," but what the hell do the lyrics mean? Going to the pharmacy, luggage, bleeding hands -- WTF, Mick? Can anyone pierce the drug-addled mind of Mr. Jagger?

4. I also love "Take Me Home," although most of Phil Collins' solo work is, well, shit. But again, what the hell do the lyrics mean? Who are "they," Phil? The same people who killed that person in "In the Air Tonight"? Why can they turn off your feelings so easily? WHY?????? (This song is partially redeemed by one of the coolest videos ever -- come on, admit it, you dig it!)

That is all. Anonymous, any answers????


Blogger Roxy said...

You mean it's "Tiny Dancer?" I always thought he was singing "Tony Danza!" Tony Danza hold me closer...

3/3/05 12:58 PM  

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