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Over at the best blog ever, we get new posts. I'm sure there's a bazillion blogs by teenaged girls, and this is only one of them, but it's still fantastic. As a friend of mine e-mailed me after I featured this blog last week, "Allison rox!!! We need more of that internet super-highway roadside trash." Now, I think the last statement was unnecessarily cruel to our now 15-year-old diva, but it's true - she rox.

For those comic book fans who wanted nothing to do with Orson Scott Card's Ultimate Iron Man because he's anti-gay, I give you this. He's certainly anti-gay, but he's not racist. It's always interesting when a person holds certain views you find reprehensible but then also has views that you find perfectly reasonable. Could it be that we're all just people? (I'd find his anti-gay stuff, but I can't be bothered. It's pretty virulent. He also thinks bombing the shit out of Iraq is pretty good - and he's a Mormon!)

More fun from McSweeney's.

The Brick Testament RULES!

Exclusive Michael Jackson courtroom drawings! (For those of you who chuckle but don't get it, it's a comic-book thing. Sorry, we're nerds.)

The gang at Comics Should Be Good discuss Hypertime. Geeks only!

Northstar v. Wolverine: the way it would have actually happened.

Stories about the English language from Greg Morrow.

Amusing "Star Trek" and comics cross-pollinization.

Many angry rants here. Lots of anti-Bush stuff.

Cool tools. Seriously.

If this guy is in tenth grade, like he says, then I have great hope for the future. More horribly liberal stuff, so be forewarned!

Ed Cunard's idea store is excellent, even if you are only a fiction writer and not a comic-book writer.

This guy is hilarious but wildly inconsistent at posting. He explains that he will try harder. Scroll down and read some of his very funny stuff.

Really funny fake comic book covers. Nine pages of them! Check out the return of Jesus (in Amazing Spider-Man, no less!) on page 6.

An interesting take on Million Dollar Baby. Obviously, SPOILERS, but I already know the big surprise, even though I haven't seen the movie. Yes, I suck. Do you want to babysit so Krys and I can go?

Things I hate about my flatmate comes to an end.

Kevin Melrose links to a story about, yes, fashion trends among anti-heroes.

Laura Bush is a left-wing traitor. As always, Tom Peyer has the best links.

Last week it was Superman's origin (it's still going on, so check it out), and this week, Jay Pinkerton has The Book of Hosea. Definitely not for the easily offended.

Okay, that's it. Isn't wasting time fun?


Blogger Roxy said...

Oh my God! Like, Allison's blog totally ROX! It's like a power bar - it makes me all-like, hyper! But I really think, like, Allison totally SUX!


14/3/05 9:49 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, she does kinda suck. But that's what makes her blog so excellent - she's a bitch and she doesn't care!

14/3/05 11:37 AM  

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