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I'm sick of the Lord

I've always liked Curt Schilling, even when he was at his whiniest worst (Phillies fans will remember when he was at his whiniest worst). I think he's a great pitcher who should have a few Cy Young awards in his house, and I wish he had one more World Series ring on his finger (1993's, that is). He even seems like a nice guy, and he does a lot of work for Lou Gehrig's disease charities.

But I'm sick of him and his Lord references.

Let me tell you something, Curt, since I'm sure you read this blog. God does not care if you pitch well. God does not care if your team wins the World Series. God might care that you do so much charity work, but I'd like to think you would do that even if you weren't a superstar athlete. God simply does not care about athletics.

Now, some people might find that harsh. God wants everyone to do his or her thing to the best of his or her ability, and therefore helps people succeed. Yeah, that's crap. God doesn't give a flying fuck whether the Red Sox or the Cardinals win the World Series. He doesn't care if Curt Schilling can throw a baseball well. Why the hell should he? God, blasphemous as this sounds, doesn't even give a rat's ass whether Notre Dame wins a football game!

I'm sick of God being thrown around like, if you'll pardon the expression, a football. I'm sick of it in athletics, and I'm sick of it in politics. I'm tired of scumbag athletes who cheat on their wives and snort coke and pound their chests when they make a simple tackle talk about how they love the Lord. Shut the hell up! I'm sick of scumbag politicians like Newt Gingrich talking about their faith while initiating divorce proceedings against his bed-ridden wife. I'm tired of George Bush telling me he has a personal relationship with his God, then going out and allowing others to destroy the earth, which, according to him, God created and may feel a certain affinity for. I'm sick of John Kerry telling us he's a Catholic when he's obviously not. My wife, a lapsed Catholic, and her grandmother, a devout Catholic, tell me not all Catholics listen to the Pope. I hate to tell you, but then you're not Catholic. Stop pretending that you are. I'm tired of hearing people tell me what God thinks. You have no fucking clue what God thinks. Pat Robertson has no fucking clue what God thinks. Billy Graham has no fucking clue what God thinks. Pope John Paul II has no fucking clue what God thinks. Osama bin Laden has no fucking clue what God thinks. Any one of those ayatollahs who run Iran have no fucking clue what God thinks. And I'm tired of them telling me they do.

If you have any fucking clue what God thinks, tell me why God wants Curt Schilling to win a baseball game but does not find it necessary to protect, I don't know, my daughter from an out-of-control tow truck ramming into my car at 60 miles an hour, leaving her brain-damaged. Just as an example. I could find others, but you get the idea. I'm sick of God. I'm sick of people talking about God. They, like God, need to shut the fuck up and leave us alone.

Sorry I'm a bit bitter this morning. Occasionally we all have a right to be.