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Every link must go!

For the past month or so, I have started off every week full of vim and vigor and ready to surf the Internet and find links for your browsing pleasure. And then real life interrupts. The one kid is taking up more of my time (Norah, that is) because she is much more likely to get into trouble while she is wandering around, so I can't ignore her like I used to (ha). When I do get some time (while they are both sleeping), I like to go in the pool, because it's so stinko hot, to quote my mom. So my time is limited. And no one's reading anyway, right? Hello?

The upshot of this is that I have a bunch of links from the past four weeks or so, and I'm clearing them out! No categories, just linking goodness. Have a ball!

Jake breaks down an awful comic book, Warrior, based, apparently, on the wrestler of the same name. It's so awful he devotes many posts to one issue and two more to a separate issue. If you're wondering, yes, Jake is quite ill.

Speaking of Jake, he also shows us what happens when Mr. T fights ninjas. Because you were all wondering.

My pal Roxy has posted pictures of her grand European vacation. Even though I hate her because I am mad with envy, you should still stop by and check them out. They are up in four separate posts. God, I miss Europe.

You are, of course, dying to purchase "Walking With Jesus" merchandise, such as this beach ball:

All my good Jesus stuff comes from Tom Peyer.

Mike Sterling found this picture:

He wonders, "What do they mean, 'match'?"

This was an interesting tidbit that you probably have already seen: the Pentagon lists homosexuality as a disorder. I'm glad we're no longer medieval about these things, aren't you?

Ladies! Haven't you always wanted to wear a yarmulke? Sure you have! Now you can, with ... yarmulkebras! You think I'm joking, don't you???? If there's not a special section of hell reserved for the people behind this, something ain't right. I found this at Ace of Spades.

Did you hear about the Massachusetts senator who attacked Fluffernutter sandwiches? Oh, the evil! He later repented his blasphemy. He didn't know what he was getting into!

Scipio discusses the lack of women heroes and villains in comics and thinks it's okay.

Yes, it's a girl on the beach:

In case you were wondering who you should bow down and worship now that God is dead, Oprah might be a good choice. Why? She convinced Harper Lee to write something for inclusion in O Magazine. Yes, that Harper Lee. The same one who hasn't written anything in 40 years. Dare you question the power of Oprah?????

A. David Lewis explains Why Civil War is dumb and why Civil War is stupid. That's the Marvel summer crossover, by the way, and not our war to free the slaves.

Public service announcement:

I found it here via Pharyngula.

In case you're wondering if civilization is ending, it won't be because you worship Oprah. It will be because a robber is suing his victims after they beat him. That asteroid can't hit us soon enough!

We must protect the children from ... Riverdance!

Scipio wonders if more blogs are devoted to DC than Marvel, and if so, why? A lively discussion ensues!

The always-fun Astrid takes pictures of random people blowing bubbles. If I asked people to do this I'd get arrested, but Astrid is far too charming!

As this is a family blog, I can't tell you what the headline of this article says. (Okay, that's a lie. It's just fun to be surprised when you click the link.) I got this at Blah Blah Flowers.

The State Department's annual report on human rights abuses ignores Guantanamo Bay. Well, that's pretty shocking. I thought that when you commit crimes against God's Chosen Democracy you forfeit all rights as a human being. No wonder Gitmo gets no mention!

Byzantium's Shores links to With Your Mom. Every joke is exactly the same (check the title), but they're still strangely funny.

This links to a video of a creepy marionette show. I found this at Hollywood Tuna.

Dorian shows us this picture and asks:

Who hasn't wanted to smack Dick Grayson every now and then?

Speaking of the Caped Crusader, Scipio points out that Batman is quite the swinger:

Australian television is so cool. Chosha tells us about a documentary she watched recently about the perfect penis. It sounds very graphic and very disturbing.

Today is the World Cup Final, and I don't care because the Americans and Germans aren't in it. Sports, of course, can bring us all together in the spirit of competition, and as the adverts on ESPN keep telling us, Ivory Coast stopped its civil war so that everyone could watch soccer. Then there's Somalia, where two people watching a World Cup match on television were killed by radical Muslim militiamen. Seems television is, I don't know, the sign of the devil or something. I think the Iraq war is as disgusting as anything, but I find it sad that some Muslims actually wonder why a lot of Americans hate them. Might this have something to do with it?

Of course, the Christians here aren't all that rational, either. A debate came up in Congress recently because a Christian movie got a PG rating. Oh, no - a movie with Christian themes got a PG rating! This, my friends, is truly a sign of the Apocalypse.

You can read this article if you like, but it might make your head hurt. It's about a national push for simpler spelling rules, but half of the article is written with words spelled phonetically, and it hurts my head. Things like this anger me as an English teacher, because basically these people are saying that some people are too lazy to learn correct spelling, so we have to make it easier for them. Oh, boo-hoo. English spelling will change the way all languages change - organically. I can't do anything about that, nor should I. But changing a language because its speakers are too stupid annoys me. Spelling is not that hard, people!

Finally, somebody found a dodo skeleton in Mauritius. Well, I think it's neat. I got this from Wicked Boring.

That's it for this week (or month, actually). Enjoy the romp around the world wide web!

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