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King George takes charge, Dave Grohl's lullabies, superannouncements, boob jobs, and of course, Britney Spears giving birth - all in the links!

I was inspired this week and had some time, so I managed to troll the dark corners of cyberspace and find the wackiest stuff out there. I hope y'all enjoy the weirdness and such.

POLITICAL BUFFOONERY. We're living in the great age of it!

In case you didn't notice, Bush is trampling on the Constitution again. I found this at Through the Looking Glass.

Speaking of Our Supreme and Glorious Leader, he and his cronies have come up with a sneaky way to get a law passed. I found this at Mah Two Cents, who found it at Peter David's blog.

The logical consequences of making abortion illegal. Pro-life people never want to talk about that.

Speaking of abortion, here's a story about an Oglala Sioux woman who plans to open an abortion clinic on reservation land in South Dakota. That should be interesting and get into all sorts of stuff about sovereignty. This is from Bitch Ph.D. via Ahistoricality.

Here's a story about a teacher who quit his job because of the poor pay. Sad, but true. Teachers make no money.

Here's a nice, long post about why the war on drugs continues to be stupid.

Ahistoricality links to a dissection of the Kansas FAQ brochure discussing the new science standards. One of the gems: teaching evolution "is scientifically controversial because it is an historical science, and therefore very subjective." "Historical science"? WTF?

John McCain, our wonderful senator from Arizona, the guy who once bashed religious extremists, including "Christians" like Jerry Falwell, is going to speak at Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell. I guess votes mean more than principles, eh, John? I found both these links at Andrew Sullivan.

IMMIGRATION RANTING. Keep America pure and white, people! No white person has ever committed a crime, so we must be the best!

Here's an interesting article with many links that says undocumented immigration doesn't increase crime rates. More stuff to shove at people who want to close the border!

A very novel way to solve our illegal immigration problem. My God - it's so simple! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Here's an open letter to CNN about the immigration coverage. She's not happy, but she is insightful. She links to story about all the illegal immigrants ... who live in Boston and happen to be Irish. Where's the rage???? I found this at Kung Fu Monkey.

This is a very interesting (and very long) post about illegal immigration and the issues surrounding it.

Here's a fun quote from Generalissimo Bush: "The immigration debate should be conducted in a civil and dignified way." Um, what? Does he even know what those words mean? I found this at Echidne of the Snakes.

FUN STUFF. After the political junk, it's good to have a laugh.

Oscar Madison shops at Target. Oh, the horror!

Discovering an unfortunate truth at a young age.

Greatest T-shirt ever? You be the judge! I found this at Dave Barry's blog.

Mrs. Montesano's third-grade class thanks Columbia Pictures for inviting them to the world premiere of Basic Instinct 2. They wrote notes:

More at the link. Those kids - so precocious these days!

My pal the Mad Monk Barbarossa shows us something we all need:

Crucial in today's political climate!

Nik lists his worst neighbors of all time!

Remember Jaws: A Love Story? Who doesn't? This is from Welcome to Blog.

Here are thirteen things not to do on the final version of a term paper. It's sad that students do these things, but they do.

With the Final Four in NCAA basketball upon us, we find out all about the real George Mason.

Dave Grohl is apparently going to write lullabies, and here are some suggested titles.

Scott introduces himself like V would, but with 'S' words. Clever!

You're not getting older, you're diffracting.

ALL ABOUT RELIGION OR LACK THEREOF! Doing my part to spread the love.

A two-day "Christian" summit yields one excellent idiotic quote after another. My favorite: "Whenever your husband wants sex it is your duty to say 'yes.'" Awesome. This is from Echidne of the Snakes.

Prayer does not affect heart surgery patients in any way, and may have an adverse effect when people the patient knows prays for them. They needed to do a scientific study about this, people! Welcome to 21st-century America.

I know it's not nice to make fun of other religions, and this isn't really making fun of one, but check out this Muslim marriage site. It's not a dating site, because Muslims don't date! There's nothing really that funny about it until you look at the pictures the women submit. Now that's some bold stuff! How can a man resist??? I found this at Ace of Spades.

Chris McLaren links to this survey, which says atheists are the biggest threat to America. Bigger than terrorists, mind you. Bigger than queers and their weird desire to marry! Holy crap! Does anyone want to still say we're not moving quickly toward a theocracy?

And in case you're wondering how this translates from vague feelings into policy, atheists are discriminated against in custody cases. How nice!

COMIC BOOK ODDITIES. Not that there's anything odd about comic books!

Things Mike Sterling never hears at his comic book store.

Sarcasmo points us to Superheroes on the toilet. No, it's not a euphemism.

The Comic Treadmill makes a good point: this would be the greatest school field trip ever.

Lots of other comic bloggers have mentioned this, but I saw it here: Marvel is developing a series of graphic novels aimed at the international market, including one about the women of the X-Men written by Chris Claremont. The artist? Milo Manara, a famous Italian erotic artist. Apparently, the kids in Europe can handle erotica much more than the kids here can! Here's some of what I can only assume is his "tamer" work, stolen from Heidi's link above:

Nice-looking art, but way to make comics even more like porn! Go Marvel!

When Scipio did his weekly haiku this week, he included a wonderful out-of-context panel:

I don't know, but more and more, I'm convinced that Fredric Wertham was right.

Chris points out this story about Jeph Loeb and Rob Liefeld teaming up to do a series about Onslaught. For those of you who don't know the names "Loeb," "Liefeld," or "Onslaught," count yourself lucky. The darkest of the dark days of the 1990s at Marvel! And they're bringing it back!

Special Superman Family Subset Of Links!

Lois Lane: suicide counselor!

Speaking of Superman, Jake has been having way too much fun over the past couple of weeks with the Big Blue and Supergirl. First, he showed us the comic in which Superman announces Supergirl's presence to the world. He was impressed that Superman could simply break into television programming all over the world, and for something as inane as telling everyone that a person exists, so he decided to have some fun with Superman breaking into programming to make announcements. And what announcements! Here they are: the first one, the second one, the third one, the fourth one, the fifth one, the sixth one, the seventh one, the eighth one, the ninth one, the tenth one, the eleventh one, and the twelfth one. Phew. With the tenth announcement, he started added a panel to show what Superman was interrupting, like so:
super announcement
Jake is having far too much fun with photoshop, I think. Check out his whole blog, too, because he's having a lot of other fun with Supergirl!

Marionette points out something rather interesting: Superman feels the need to rescue Jimmy Olson from girls. Hmmm ...

Oh, dear, Bruce and Clark, what now:

Will Pfeifer finds the idea of a "super horse laugh" funny, and so do I:

Superman comics are weird.

CENSORSHIP NEWS! We must protect the (Chinese) children!

The Anonymous Lawyer just found out that his blog is blocked in China. I shudder to think what they do to mine, as he does not often publish gratuitous photos of scantily-clad women or curses.

GEOGRAPHICAL MISCELLANEOUS. Because no one knows where to find the United States on a map.

A few weeks ago I noticed this post by Chris Cope, in which he tells us about Sark Island, which still maintains a feudal system. How excellent! Where is Sark Island, you may ask? It's one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel, very near France but part of England. Now that you know about it, I'm sure you'll want to visit.

This is an interesting article about Centralia. It's in Pennsylvania, in case you're wondering. It's pretty weird - Silent Hill, anyone?

This is an interesting article about digital manipulation, specifically this picture:

I found the link at 2 Blowhards.

CHICKS ON THE WEB! Because we certainly don't appreciate treating anyone like objects around here.

Women with boob jobs may be banned from Virgin's space shuttle flight. Because they might explode, you know. I like the picture they posted with the news article. Check it out - apparently we don't know what breasts look like.

Yes, it's ... the brassieres of the future!

This wonderful site comes from Dave Barry's blog.

I'm sure you've all heard about the Britney Spears sculpture of her giving birth done by a pro-life artist. If you haven't go read about it! And gaze on the glorious monstrosity!

It really doesn't get any better than that, does it?

Why can't celebrities wear underwear? Is it really that difficult?

Apparently, fake euros with naked people on them were passed off as real. Behold!

The story comes from here, which Roger linked to a few weeks ago. He also linked to a very funny Chinese menu, so check it out if you feel like it.

Here's a nice little story about a porn star turned vintner:

She said she made the transition because she wanted her parents to be proud of her. You mean they weren't proud of her starring in porn movies? Shocking! I found this at one of my new favorite blogs, The M Zöne.

It's the worst album covers of all time! But it includes this one, so how can we claim it's accurate?

Whitesnake RULES! I found the list at Ace of Spades.

SIGNS OF THE APOCALYPSE. It's closer than you think ...

A true sign of the Apocalypse. I found this at Dave Barry's blog.

Words fail me:

This is from the BEAST blog.


A man divorced his wife while he was asleep! Those Muslim men, you know, can divorce a woman just by saying "I divorce you" thrice, and this guy muttered the word in his sleep. The fun thing about religious law is: the Muslim elders said they were divorced, even though the guy doesn't want to be, and the couple has to remain apart for 100 days and she has to sleep with another man, who then has to divorce her, before they can remarry. And yet some people think we should have religious law as the basis of our legal system. Yeah, that's a good idea.

This comes from Pakistan, where surgeons recently operated on a two-month old baby girl with two fetuses inside her. Oh sweet Jeebus. Apparently this sort of thing happens once every 500,000 births. Read with amazement and horror!

NEWS FROM THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. Who doesn't love our furry friends?

A Swedish court has fined a kennel owner who refused to sell a kitten to a lesbian. I'm with the kennel owner on this one. I mean, when we got him, Smokey had been turned into a raving Republican by his previous owners. It took us years to turn him! So I wouldn't want this "woman" turning that poor kitten gay! Who's on board?

This web site is devoted to "hidden" animals. You know, like giant anacondas! I found this site at Overcompensating, where the accompanying comic strip is really funny (and has nothing to do with hidden animals).

A tortoise that was well over 200 years old has died. So sad!

LES BEAUX ARTS. It's all about culture here at the blog!

Here are some random photographs of a very old, very beat-up Charlie's Angels lunchbox. Why? Why the hell not?

They're making a stage version of Xanadu. They're making a stage version of Xanadu! If God isn't dead already, this will surely kill him. I found this fun nugget here.

John Rogers explains how to save the movie theater industry. One word: Ushers.

There's a new edition of Shakespeare coming out with all the sexual innuendo footnoted. And there's a lot of it! This is from Dave Barry's blog.

I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! Can't we build a time machine and send some of them there?

What's an "indigo child"? Find out and marvel! I'm with the writer - sounds like a "brat" to me.

Education Wonks links to this story about using mild shock therapy on children to treat psychological disorders. I'm not going to comment, since some parents like it and others hate it, but it's just weird that we're still doing this sort of thing in America.

FINALLY, SOME LEGAL IDIOCY. Because it deserves special category all its own.

T. points out that someone is suing eHarmony for $12,000. They won't let him join because he's married. Okay, legally separated, but it's all the same to them! I'm just puzzled because he spent two hours filling out the application and somehow he should get paid $12,000. I wish I could make six grand an hour!

That's all for this week. As usual, I can never say week-to-week when I'm going to have time to do these, so I hope you enjoy them today!

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