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Blog entries, nothing but blog entries!

I had little time this week to surf the web, as I had no computer for a few days and then have spent a lot of the week trying to restore our programs, not mention burning CDs. So I decided to give you links, but I'm just going to link to blog entries I like. I'm not going to look at the various news blogs I go to, where the rabid pundits simply link to news stories they either like or dislike. It's all about what people are personally writing on their blogs. And I'm going in alphabetical order. No categories this week!

Chris writes about what's wrong with Superman. The first in what he promised would be two posts, but the second has yet to appear!

Scipio always delivers out-of-context Batman panels.

Speaking of Superman, Scipio offers his own advice.

Afe asks a crucial question about this "woman":

Ahistoricality looks at flight delay information.

Astrid went to London for a day and made us all envious.

Layne's back! Yay!

Andy rants against Ash Wednesday and uses bad language and comes up with what I think is a better solution - see what it is!

Top Ten Bad Self-Help Books.

I just bought "London Calling" because Gordon told me I should. No, I didn't own it before. Shut up. Happy Birthday, Gordon, by the way.

Laura details her bad experience with a chain letter.

GayProf explains what gay men are really saying at clubs - be warned: apparently, they like to talk about roosters a lot.

Chris tells us why Incredible Hulk #300 is awesome.

The Ten Worst Americans of All Time, with links to a bunch of others.

How the press got Lizzie Borden acquitted.

The Disgruntled Chemist attended a meeting. It was sponsored by the College Republicans at UC Irvine and it was ostensibly about whether American Muslims are doing enough to support the War on Terror. It went downhill quickly, apparently. He breaks up his experience into four parts: One, Two, Three, Four. He then sums up his feelings about the meeting. Some well traveled sites linked to him, apparently, because he's approaching 250 comments on that last post, and whether you agree with him or not, the comments are wild. There are some crazy people in this world. They really go nuts on him.

Why Ted and Sally Forth have a good marriage.

Do as I say, not as I do!

Sleestak shows why Star Trek is racist, plus he gets in a shot at Christian Slater!

Literally, a Web Log shows inappropriate uses of the word "literally".

MC Hammer has a blog, by the way.

Roxy goes to the doctor, and it's as scary as you might think.

In praise of the 1960s Doom Patrol.

Why Thomas doesn't have a blog.

Tom liveblogs the Oscars!

Jake imagines a new Hostess Fruit Pie ad, with bizarrely hilarious results.

That's it for this week. I got a bit tired at the end, so I apologize to people lower in the alphabet. But halfway through my computer went a little wacky (it locked and wouldn't let me unlock it, even though it said I was the only one who could), so I lost some of the post, and now it's bed time for the kids, so it's getting late. I hope you dig what's here!

No pictures tomorrow. We still haven't re-installed our printer/scanner. I'll get around to it, I swear!

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Blogger T. said...

Good stuff, especially the Fruit Pies one. I almost crapped my pants! Makes me wish I could photoshop! :(

Also, check out my blog again, I've been updating my ass off the past few weeks. I always like when you weigh in, even if you are always wrong! ;)

6/3/06 12:03 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Oh, I've been reading, T. I liked your post about Jenkins, but it was from LAST week, and I try not to go back too far in time. Good to see you're back. I'll try to make ridiculously wrong-headed comments soon.

6/3/06 10:26 AM  

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