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A strange thing my wife does

I have mentioned before some of the strange things I do in the bathroom, but that doesn't mean my lovely and fascinating wife, Krys, does not do bizarre things as well. For instance, when she opens a new box of cereal, she only opens the plastic bag inside the box halfway. Why does she do this????? She has never offered any explanation for this. I am almost afraid to ask. It might spell the ruin of our marriage! When you are in a good marriage, you never want to pick at the threads too much. It just might unravel!

Why, dear Lord, why????

Yes, I'm working on my novel - I just thought of this as I was sitting here. Just a small peek into the mind of your future leader.


Blogger Krys said...

It makes a nice "spout" from which to pour the cereal into the bowl.

1/11/05 12:50 PM  
Blogger chosha said...

It keeps the cereal fresher than opening it all the way. Plus the spout thing.

1/11/05 3:43 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

That was my theory, opr to keep it fresher. Why didn't you just ASK her? I mean, in person.

Oh, and I wouldn't have picked on you so much on my page if I didn't sorta like you.

1/11/05 3:44 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

That's my woman - ruining all the mystery in a good marriage! I explained why I didn't ask her, Roger - we need the mystery! Actually, I knew it was for the spout thing too, I just find it interesting that when you live with someone for so long, you notice things they do differently from you (I open the damned thing ALL THE WAY, MAN!) for little interesting reasons like that. If you don't live with someone, you never know how they do things.

1/11/05 3:57 PM  
Blogger Afe said...

Do not question the deep and beautiful mystique that is woman.

1/11/05 4:19 PM  

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