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Autumn in the Northwest means vibrant colors on Picture Day!

Sometimes I really miss Oregon. Long-time readers know this. But I really miss it when it's fall, and nothing happens here. When it's 85 degrees on Thanksgiving, you know something is so very wrong. Our next bunch of pictures were taken in October 1999 and showcase nice autumn stuff: fall foliage and a maize maze!

These first group of pictures was taken at Silver Star Mountain in southwestern Washington (where someone recently photographed a sasquatch!), which has plenty of hiking trails. This is just some nice fall foliage.

Here I am, as proof that I actually hiked up there!

I call the little woman "Heidi" when I look at this picture.

You can see the trail up which we hiked, cutting across the base of the mountain there.

Here's a nice view down the valley.

More proof that I could once engage in physical activity! These days I can barely get off the sofa!

A few weeks after this we went out to a maize maze. A good time was had by all. Check out Krys, getting lost!

The creators of the maze had set up observation platforms so you could see where you were. They were handy for picture-taking, too!

We saw a crash test dummy mask stuck on a corn stalk. It was actually kind of spooky.

Unfortunately, this is not a posed picture. This is how I look probably 90% of the time. It's so very sad.

Those are just some photographs that remind me that other parts of the country actually have things called seasons. I'm starting to forget what those are like ...

Next week: Not sure yet. Come back and see!

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