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What have we learned - Week 9

I watched no football yesterday. WOW! It was strangely liberating, but still somewhat sad. I did watch about seven plays of three different games, but other than that, I was too busy getting ready for the big vacation. So I don't know what we learned, but as every team has now played half their games, I will boldly predict the way teams will finish! Take it to the bank, people!

NFC East: The New Jersey Giants at 6-2 should win this. The Eagles COULD win it if they get it together, but probably not. The Cowboys will implode soon, if they haven't already. That Terrell Owens drop was fantastic.

NFC North: The Bears will cruise to the division title, because the other teams just aren't that good, but Chicago will go nowhere in the playoffs. Rex Grossman is still essentially a rookie, so maybe next year, Chicago!

NFC South: Tough call. I think New Orleans will win the division (how shocking is that?) because they have a real quarterback. If the Falcons never throw another pass, they might win, but by default. Remember: the Saints have had plenty of talent for years, but their coaching and discipline has gone downhill in the second half. It's a new year, but let's see.

NFC West: St. Louis might win this with a 9-7 record. I don't trust Seneca Wallace running the Seattle offense, even though I have liked the Seahawks for years.

NFC Wildcard: Holy crap, what a mess. I'll say Atlanta and Carolina, because I don't trust Seattle (see above) nor the Eagles, although the Eagles have as much talent as anyone. I think it might be the coaching, which kills me, because I like Andy Reid.

AFC East: New England, obviously. The other teams are too weird.

AFC North: Baltimore, even though I loathe the Ravens. Cincinnati is a mess on offense, I think Carson Palmer came back too soon, and last year's defense relied on turnovers, which are based a lot on luck. One year you get a lot of turnovers, the next year you don't, and your defense is exposed.

AFC South: The Colts, although they'll hack it up again in the playoffs. The Colts might be the worst 8-0 team in history. They have a kind of lousy running game and a defense that can be pounded. But they have "Gaudy Regular Season Numbers" Manning, so they'll cruise to the title.

AFC West: Another tough call. Denver? San Diego? Kansas City? I'm going out on a limb and saying the Chiefs. A punishing running game, and solid quarterback (either Huard or Green), and a decent defense. Go, Chiefs!

AFC Wildcard: Another mess. I'll go with Denver and San Diego, because I don't like the Bengals to recover, the Jaguars to keep winning, or the Jets to play unlike the Jets for too long.

Agree? Disagree? What are your choices? Sound off!

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