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Daughter pictures at the other blog

Far be it from me to pimp my other blog, but I just posted a bunch o' pictures over there. So many, in fact, that I needed two posts to do it! This one has general pictures from Christmas and the past month, while this one shows pictures from the day at school I spent with Mia this week. Check them out and enjoy the cuteness!


Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

I cont8inue to be amazed that you can operate two or three blogs, posting regularly. I can barely do the one.

And your Dr. Seuss dissertation was...fascinating. Gives me an idea for a post.

3/2/06 7:45 AM  
Anonymous Beta Ray Steve said...

What does Seuss say about the Superbowl? Do the Steelers cover? Or is that in "Green Eggs and Ham"?

4/2/06 9:41 AM  

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