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What have we learned - Week 9

Sigh. We'll get to it. Stupid picks. I only went 8-5, with the game tonight the difference between a mediocre weekend and a pretty decent one. Stupid Johnny Bacardi picked every game correctly. How does he do it???? Confound you, sir!

Arizona really stinks. I mean, you can pick on Philly all you want (and they deserve it), but Matt Leinart must be thinking, "Why the hell did I stay in school? They're going to pick me, aren't they? Shit." Shaun Alexander: 88 yards on the first play on the second half. And he outran the entire team. He's big but not terribly fast and he outran the whole team. The Cardinals suck.

Michael Vick got all snotty with reporters after his decent game passing, telling them to shut up about his abilities. That's fine, Michael, and yes, we're all very impressed that you win games, which you do. Let's see you be consistently good and against teams that aren't, you know, the Dolphins. I like Vick, but I'm still not sure he can win the big one. That's okay, Michael - I'm still not sure that Donovan McNabb can. I'm not sure about a lot of quarterbacks.

How do the Chargers get 4 touchdowns from LaDanian Tomlinson against the Jets and almost lose? Everyone keeps talking about how good they are, even though they're 5-4. I don't think so. Brooks freakin' Bollinger almost beat them.

Notice that if the NFL didn't have the stupid rule that you have to kick an extra point even if there's no time on the clock that I would have gotten the final score of the Oakland-Kansas City game correct? Oh well. Great call by Vermeil on the final play. I always say that if you can't get a yard in the NFL, you don't deserve to win. The Chiefs can get a yard. When Johnson got down to the one-yard line, I said to the television, "Go for it, Vermeil!" He heard me. Isn't that sweet?

The Texans-Jaguars game was deadly dull. I skipped most of it. I learned nothing from it, except that Jacksonville can beat a crappy team. Good job, Jaguars!

Baltimore sure can whine to the officials, can't they? I mean, they got hosed on a couple of calls, but their offense is pretty much non-existent. Good teams overcome crappy calls by officials. Crappy teams moan about them. Cincinnati continues to get breaks by playing really bad teams. We'll see how they fare against somebody like the Colts. That should be a damned good ballgame.

Joey Harrington, done as Lions quarterback. Nice college career, really bad pro career so far. That's what happens when a grown man calls himself "Joey." The Vikings found a running game! How nice for them.

See? I jumped off the Cleveland bandwagon and they won. Stupid Browns. I watched very little of this game, because it, too, was dull. Sorry.

Did anyone see the scaredy-cats on the Tampa offensive line? On one series, Julius Peppers made the guy who had to block him jump offsides three times in, I think, four plays. Funny stuff. The Buccaneers just might be ready to take a tumble, while it looks like Carolina and Atlanta will fight it out for the NFC Championship.

The Bears only beat the Saints by three points, but they looked a LOT better than New Orleans. The Saints did have a nice 95-yard drive, but other than that, Aaron Brooks continued to prove why he shouldn't have a job. The Bears beat them up physically, using (shocking!) a pounding running game. Chicago isn't a great team, but they're probably going to win that division.

San Francisco hung around for a while, but they're just not as talented as the Giants. You know you're a bad team when Brandon Lloyd makes a brilliant catch at the two-yard line and it gets wiped out by a holding call. And hey! Eli Manning won a game on the road. Good for him.

You know why Green Bay almost won that game against the Steelers? Because they ran the ball a lot and Nancy-Boy Favre didn't try anything idiotic. He threw short passes and moved the chains. Still, he screwed up, fumbled the ball, and Pittsburgh returned it for a touchdown. Unfortunately, the Packers have two choices: bail on the next two seasons, because this one is over and next year they'll be breaking in a new quarterback, unless Favre doesn't retire, in which case the season will be lost anyway; or bench Favre and see if Aaron Rodgers can play, but there's no way in hell they bench Favre. They are going to suck for a few years, I think.

And finally, we have the Eagles. They have bigger problems than Terrell Owens, to be sure. Their defense played crappy last night. Brunell completed 21 passes, 14 of them to either Cooley or Moss, yet those two were inexplicably open all night. The offense - well, that will work out. Brian Westbrook only gained 24 yards, but he got 17 carries, which is more important than yards anyway. They will be better without Owens, even if it's not this year. This year it might be better for them not to make the playoffs, because then they might get refocused and also it might help them rest - they have played a lot of games the past few years. Terrell Owens is a complete asshole, but you know who else is a complete asshole: Michael Irvin. Owens doesn't need any help being an asshole, but Irvin really stirred the pot last week, didn't he? Today he was defending Owens on ESPN, and he said that over the weekend Owens talked to his pastor about apologizing to the team. Both of them are assholes. I love how assholes who piss everyone off because they're always selfish end up talking to their pastors. Assholes. I used to be angry at Eagles fans because they cheered when Irvin went down on the Veterans Stadium turf and his career ended. Well, I still think it was classless, but I can see why they did it. Asshole.

Sorry for all the anger. I love my team, and I think they'll be fine, but I really wish they had won the Super Bowl last year, not for just the reasons that fans want their teams to win, but because then they could have gotten rid of Owens right after the game. Oh well.

Penn State rules. That is all. They have a slight chance to play in the Fiesta Bowl here in Tempe, which would be awesome, because we might have a good chance to see it (my parents are season ticket holders). We'll see.


Blogger Woody! said...

Good points about your team. When you add in the playoffs, the Eagles have played about half a season in the last four years. Taking a January off might not be the worst thing for them. Besides, if they draft that well in the back half of the draft, imagine how well they would do with high picks.

I'm getting psyched for the Colts coming to town. They'll probably win but we have an extra week to prepare for them and it is a home game. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time a 10-0 team came to Paul Brown Stadium and found a hungry Bengal team waiting for them, right KC?

8/11/05 12:07 AM  
Blogger Chris Cope said...

Vick is so overrated. Ron Mexico needs to shut his cakehole and play the damn game. You're right about Favre (FAH-vray) -- the man is Jesus in Green Bay. You don't bench Jesus. Favre is bleeding from the pores, but a resurrection of his career is pretty much out of the question (Go me! I just worked religious analogy into sport discussion).

8/11/05 9:18 AM  

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