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Whoops! I almost forgot football picks!

It's a little under two hours until kickoff, so I still have time. I know you all need these to make your wagers, so I'm sorry I forgot about them until today. Less commentary than usual, except, of course, when it comes to me beloved Eagles. Last week I was 11-3, making me 60-42 for the year. I'm on fire!

Seattle (-4) 28, ARIZONA 14.
Detroit (+1.5) 24, MINNESOTA 20.
San Diego (-6.5) 30, NEW YORK JETS 17.
Tennessee (+3) 19, CLEVELAND 14.
KANSAS CITY (-4) 28, Oakland 23.
Chicago (-3) 24, NEW ORLEANS 16.
Cincinnati (-3) 20, BALTIMORE 17.
TAMPA (+1) 24, Carolina 14.
JACKSONVILLE (-13.5) 28, Houston 7.
MIAMI (+2.5) 17, Atlanta 13.
New York Giants (-11) 35, SAN FRANCISCO 14.
Pittsburgh (-3.5) 21, GREEN BAY 20.
Philadelphia (+3) 24, WASHINGTON 10.
NEW ENGLAND (+3.5) 28, Indianapolis 24 (Monday night).

Yes, I'm picking 9 road teams and 6 underdogs. Wisdom ... or arrogance? As for my Eagles pick ... well, I just have a feeling that the Eagles are going to be quite pissed off that everyone thinks their season is over because Owens got suspended. Everyone thought that last year, and they won the Championship Game. In the long term, maybe this hurts, but I think tonight they come out (especially the defense) and do some damage. And let's face it, Washington is not that good. The thing that is going to hurt the Eagles is not the fact that they finally got smart and suspended Terrell Owens, it's the same thing that's been hurting them all year - the baffling stubbornness of Andy Reid to not run the ball at all. Before Owens got to Philly, everyone complained about their lack of big-play offense. Well, yes, they lacked that, but they were much more balanced, and they still won. Since Owens got here, it seems like Reid has completely fallen in love with the big-play offense, and that's not going to win you games consistently. If Owens' suspension means that the Eagles run the ball more than 10 times tonight, it's a good thing. Let's look at my other favorite team, the Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions. Last week: 302 yards rushing. Yesterday: 47 rushes, 282 yards, 28 passes. Two dominating victories, even if their quarterback isn't that great. Andy Reid is going to get his quarterback killed. He has a good running game, and maybe, without Owens, he'll remember that.

Enjoy the games, whoever you root for!


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