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Picking but probably not watching football games

Yes, I'm going to pick games this week, but I probably won't watch them. We're going on a day trip tomorrow into the wilds of Arizona, and I'll probably be gone all day. It's a nice time of year to be out and about in AZ, so I doubt if I will care that much. If Nancy-Boy Favre beats the Eagles and I watch it I'll probably eat my liver anyway.

Jacksonville (-3.5) 28, ARIZONA 23. I want to pick the Cardinals. They're at home, and they played well last week. But I just can't. I wouldn't be shocked if Arizona wins, but the Jaguars seem to be getting it together right now.
KANSAS CITY (-3) 27, New England 21. That's if the Chiefs don't turn the ball over. It's in Kansas City, and the Patriot defense is still not very good. Larry Johnson runs over them.
CINCINNATI (-9) 21, Baltimore 14. That's a HUGE spread. If I were betting, I'd take the Ravens to cover. The Bengals should win relatively easily, but it won't be a huge margin of victory.
BUFFALO (+4) 24, Carolina 17. Yes, the Panthers need this game desperately. Yes, the Bills stunk up the joint last week in San Diego. But it's in Buffalo, and I just think the Bills will show up to play. I'm sure by Sunday night I'll be shaking my head and saying "What the hell was I thinking?"
TAMPA (-3) 20, Chicago 7. The Bears have NO offense. I'm sorry, but they have NO OFFENSE. Yes, their defense is excellent, but at some point you have to score, right?
San Diego (-3) 24, WASHINGTON 10. The Chargers, just like the Raiders, go into Washington and smack the home team. Washington will finish behind the Eagles in the division this year.
MINNESOTA (-4.5) 21, Cleveland 13. The Browns aren't bad, but they're just not there yet. It's in Minnesota, so I have to go with the home team, who are still within striking distance of the division title. That's sad.
TENNESSEE (-7.5) 31, San Francisco 24. Will anyone outside the two metropolitan areas watch this clunker?
St. Louis (-4) 35, HOUSTON 20. Even with their second-string quarterback, the Rams will win. They're peeved about losing at home last week to Arizona.
OAKLAND (-7) 24, Miami 7. Miami scores on a interception return. Their offense certainly can't muster a touchdown.
SEATTLE (-4.5) 24, New York Giants 14. Still no love for the Seahawks among the nation's media. It's all Dallas and Tampa and Atlanta and New York. I think this will be a close game, but I'm hoping Seattle smacks the crap out of Eli and his boys.
PHILADELPHIA (-4.5) 17, Green Bay 14. Ugly game. UGLY! The Eagles have to win a game eventually, right?
NEW YORK JETS (+1) 14, New Orleans 13. Boy, ESPN got stuck with the worst game of the day on Sunday night. I'm sure we'll hear a lot about the resilience of the Saints, when in fact we should be hearing about lousy they are.
INDIANAPOLIS 28, Pittsburgh 17 (Monday night - no line). God, I hope the Steelers win. I don't think they're going to, though. Actually, what I really hope is that the Colts go 16-0 and then lose their first playoff game. Now that would be awesome.

I was 12-4 last week, which makes me 89-57 for the season. I'm mad because I would have picked both Atlanta and Denver on Thanksgiving, but couldn't be bothered to post picks. Oh well. Enjoy the games!


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