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What have we learned - Week 11

The first we learned is that Michael Irvin might, just might, be Terrell Owens' lover. Let's examine the evidence: Terrell Owens basically says his quarterback, who has been to 5 Pro Bowls and took his team to four straight NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl, sucks, and Irvin says it's okay because Owens spoke to his pastor. Last week Randy Moss DIDN'T say anything about his head coach, although he implied that Norv Turner is not getting him the ball enough. Mind you, he didn't say anything. I haven't heard Irvin's exact words, but apparently he took issue with that. God, Irvin is an idiot. So: what's up with Irvin and Owens? Are they going to see "Showboat" and picking out slip covers together????

The Eagles had a decent chance to win, but shockingly, their defense let them down. Did they do it because the defense wants Owens back and they're showing their displeasure? I doubt it, but still. I'm still not all that impressed with the Giants - if Philly is a complete team, New York loses. McNabb is apparently shut down for the season, which is a good thing. Now they can move on and worry about next year.

Arizona won on the road. Is it the Apocalypse? Is it the Apocalypse????? The Cardinals have talent, but their offensive line has sucked for most of the year, and Kurt Warner - not a mobile guy. Give him some time, and he can throw well. St. Louis - good God, get a line that can protect Marc Bulger! He's one of the top ten quarterbacks in the league, but he keeps getting injured. Sorry, St. Louis - wait until next year.

I watched none of the Lions-Cowboys game. It would have been like getting a root canal. And I've had a root canal. Dallas is probably going to win the NFC East. Now that's like getting a root canal! I hate the Cowboys.

I was pretty surprised by the Bears winning. They still need something ... what is it ... it will come to me ... oh, that's right - an offense. I watched very little of the game, but what I saw of it was like watching Norah try to roll over - it goes very slowly, it doesn't always work, and there is a lot of whining.

How on earth did Oakland beat Washington? Again, I skipped a lot of this game (I was watching the Eagles and switching on the Cardinals game a lot), but this is one of those games that if Washington can't win, they don't deserve to make the playoffs. Don't worry, Washington, you won't make it.

Michael Vick played pretty well, but Atlanta's defense suddenly can't stop anyone. Although Vick played okay, he had an awful fumble at the end of the game that won the game for Tampa. You can't turn the ball over there. Inexcusable. Are the Falcons tumbling? Will they even make the playoffs? Oh, the tangled skein of the NFC playoffs!

Reuben Droughns, of Oregon Duck fame, scored on the first play from scrimmage for Cleveland. Who knew the teams could have gone home after that? As bad as the Eagles are, they're not the Dolphins. For crying out loud, the Dolphins shouldn't get paid this week. Wouldn't that be cool if teams did that for crappy efforts? Of course, because the Browns aren't very good either, Trent Dilfer is peeved that he was replaced for a few series in the middle of the game. A good win marred by squabbling. That's the definition of a cruddy team.

The offensive juggernaut that is Jacksonville went four years without scoring 30 points, and has now done it two weeks in a row. Go, Jaguars! Will they be the ones to end Indianapolis's unbeaten run????

If two awful offensive teams like Pittsburgh and Baltimore are playing and they're tied at the end of regulation, they just shouldn't let them play anymore. Think of the fans, NFL! Jamal Lewis - what the hell happened to him? And why wasn't Antwaan Randle El playing quarterback for the Steelers? Why????

New England will get into the playoffs because they're in a horrible division. I actually want them to get into the playoffs, because then Tom Brady's perfect playoff record will end. Yes, I'm petty. Deal with it. Apparently, the NFL is thinking about giving the Saints some competitive advantages because of the hurricane. That sucks. They're 2-8. Without Hurricane Wilma, they MAY have won one more game. They're not doing poorly because of the hurricane, they're doing poorly because they suck and Aaron Brooks is a bad quarterback.

I know San Diego was playing at home against a mediocre Buffalo team, but they looked good. I know I said I wasn't completely sold on them, but for one week, at least, they looked good. Why won't they bring back the powder blue uniforms full time? They retired Lance Alworth's number. I wasn't around to watch him play, but he's one of those guys who doesn't get enough credit. Damn he was a good receiver.

If the Dolphins gave up, so did the Jets. Man, they suck. Denver is looking better and better. Go, Broncos! I have to root for any team that has a chance at beating the Colts, because I don't like them.

No love for the Seahawks from the national media, except for Jaworski. Everyone is still all "Falcons this" and "Panthers that" and "Cowboys yee-hah!" Seattle will get home field advantage and probably go to the Super Bowl. You heard it here first! Of course, if Shaun Alexander gets hurt, they're screwed, but for now, they're the best team in the conference. Alexander is awesome. He's a free agent - go get him, Philadelphia!

The game of the day was Indy-Cincy. Fun, old-school AFL-type stuff. People think Indianapolis is going undefeated? Really? With that defense? I know it was supposed to be better, but remember - earlier in the year they were playing really bad offenses. Cincinnati went up and down the field on them. The Bengals actually did a decent job against Manning - he had good numbers, but Indy won the game because the Bengals couldn't stop Edgerrin James. And I love the concept of blitzing on third-and-long. It's so easy to get a big play against the blitz, especially with a QB who gets rid of the ball quickly, like Manning does. In the second quarter, it was 3rd-and-11, and the Bengals blitzed. Big play to somebody - first down. Three plays later, it was 3rd-and-13. What should the Bengals do? BLITZ! Manning hits Dallas Clark for a touchdown. Good job, Cincinnati.

I didn't watch the Sunday night game, because, well, it was Houston. Kansas City played well, and Penn Stater Larry Johnson set a Chiefs rushing record. Go, Larry!

Ah, college football. I like USC, but I wanted them to lose so Penn State could play for the National Championship. It was a pretty good weekend - the Nittany Lions won and won the Big Ten (I refuse to say that Ohio State is the co-champ, since they have a overall record and lost to Penn State), Oregon won, Miami lost (yee-hah!), and Delaware Valley won! Yippee! Del Val is in Doylestown, PA, near where my parents live these days. Some of Signs was filmed there. Go, Del Val!


Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

I hate the Cowboys, too, and I agree with your assessment of the Giants. But GO Blue!

22/11/05 7:25 AM  
Blogger Chris Cope said...

No mention of the Vikings? Come on -- a substandard team scores a win over a sucky team. Useless old Brett Favre is beaten by an even older Brad Johnson. It was a battle for the ages, or, rather, a battle that took ages.

22/11/05 1:35 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, Roger, I'm just not sure about the Giants. The Cowboys are boring and mediocre, but at least they're consistent. That should win a lousy division.

And Chris, I do these on Monday afternoons/early evening, before the Monday night game. I always skip the game. I was happy with the results, though. I didn't watch most of it, but it sounds like you summed it up perfectly.

22/11/05 2:00 PM  

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