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A light snack of links

Well, I mentioned that I probably wouldn't have time to cruise the Internets this past week and bring you all the links you so richly deserve, and it was true. I did not have time, what with the new kid and all. I'm sure you'll forgive me. However, I did manage to find a few things, and I bring them to you now. It's a light snack!

I have found a few new blogs recently. Ask An Evil Villainess is just that: questions about evil posed to Gateau Doomcannon herself. Funny stuff. Beth's blog is relatively new, and it only has a few posts, but they are really excellent. Read in wonder as she grades high school essays about William Blake and learns that Americans no longer employ chimney sweeps because we've sent all those jobs overseas! She left a comment on my blog a while back, and I just read it, so I hope she comes back. More readers here are always welcome! I have also been directed to Zilla's Comics Journal, which is, yes, another comic book blog, but so far it's good reading. Like you have anything else to do!

Anyway, on to the other links!

I don't hold the Bush Administration in contempt because of the war in Iraq. Those soldiers are volunteers, and yes, it's sad that some of them are dying, but that's what the armed forces are for. Bush went to war with Iraq for stupid reasons, but Saddam Hussein was obviously a scumbag, and if Bush wanted to pick on that particular scumbag, more power to him. No, I hold the Bush Administration in contempt because of their idiocy. First, they deny that global warming is taking place. Now, they commission a study on the environmental impact of cattle grazing, and then alter it to make it more beneficial to cattle ranchers! This is why I hate Bush. Of course, this was buried in our newspaper, because God forbid we criticize the Administration. Why, that's treasonous!

Donald Rumsfeld says the insurgency in Iraq could last up to 12 years. According to most of the liberals I hear, "everyone" supports the troops. I don't. I want the situation in Iraq to continue to deteriorate. It might actually teach us a lesson. This is great news. Yes, I'm evil.

I read this story on Wednesday about rubbing baseballs before using them. I bet you didn't know that they rub mud on the balls before using them! The mud comes from this company, which uses the mud found at a secret spot by the Delaware River near where I grew up. No other substance is allowed on the ball! Just more trivia for you to astonish people with at parties.

Here's some news of the bizarre! Seven men abducted an Ethiopian girl and were going to force her to marry one of them. She was rescued and then guarded by lions until she was rescued. Last week it was killer hyenas in Malawi, this week heroic lions in Ethiopia. I must visit Africa soon.

One blog I did manage to visit this week was the Disgruntled Chemist's, and in this post he linked to the wonderful phenomenon of Michael Jackson's face appearing on toast. This is just sad. No wonder we have no values. It's bad enough when it's the Virgin Mary, but Michael Jackson?

I mentioned that a Philadelphia high school wants to make African-American studies a graduation requirement. Well, now the legislators want them to knock it off. Maybe it's because I'm from the area, but this story fascinates me. I agree with the lawmakers who say that the kids should learn chemistry and math and shit like that, but on the other hand, this is an intriguing look at the way our country is evolving. And kids should know more about Sundiata anyway.

This site is awesome. Type in any body in the solar system as seen from any other body, and it shows you a simulation. It's beautiful. Seriously.

A woman sues a radio station because when they told her she won "100 Grand," they gave her the candy bar, not cash. She'll probably win, too. FCC rules and stuff, plus there's a precedent.

A transsexual soccer player has been cleared to play in a Tasmanian women's league. She used to be a he, but not any more! You go, girl!

Did everyone catch Tom Cruise going apeshit on Matt Lauer? My friend Ken, who recently decided that Cruise is his favorite crazy celebrity (even though he'll probably soon go back to Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, because, let's face it, they're truly insane), said the interview was awesome. I haven't looked for it, but judging from the printed excerpts here, it was awesome.

A Nebraska man loses 573 pounds in a year. He was 1072 pounds. How does that happen? Whenever I hear about something like this, I really wonder how it happens. I feel bad for anyone who weighs in the four-figure area, but how does it happen? Does anyone know?

Jordan (the country, not the basketball player) has refused to publish a novel written by Saddam Hussein. No wonder he lost the "war"! He was too busy writing novels to make sure his army was in good condition. Seriously, wouldn't you pay good money to read Hussein's book? It has to be excellent, doesn't it?

Finally, I posted many pictures of the new baby, the old baby, and my baby (Krys) over at The Daughter Chronicles. If you have never experienced the birth of a child, it gives you all the breakdown you need. Enjoy! (And I swear, no pictures of Winston Churchill.)

I hope that these links satisfy. We'll see if I am able to surf as much as I like next week, or if I'll have to pick the carcass of the web like I did this week! Babies - what are you going to do?


Blogger Chris Cope said...

I know of a man who lost about 400 pounds in a year. He ate too much, of course, but also had/has a condition that caused him to retain ridiculous amounts of water. Eventually his kidneys failed as a result of the obesity and they started him on dialysis. It was then that they discovered the water thing. Over a few consecutive days, they pulled THREE GALLONS of water from him. He's down to 250 now thanks to that and improved diet.

27/6/05 12:53 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Wow. I know these things have to medically-related on some level, because no one can eat that much. That's fascinating.

27/6/05 2:44 PM  

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