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Cast the Jason and the Argonauts remake!

Wouldn't it be cool if someone remade Jason and the Argonauts? It would only work if they actually got Ray Harryhausen to do the glorious stop-motion special effects that made the first one so groovy, not CGI. So who should we cast? Here's the original cast:

Todd Armstrong
Todd Armstrong as Jason: Now that's a tasty dish!

Nancy Kovack
Nancy Kovack as Medea: A true 1960s hottie!

Gary Raymond
Gary Raymond as Prince Acastus: Giving Jason a run for his money in the looks department!

Honor Blackman
Honor Blackman as Hera: Pre-Pussy Galore!

Niall MacGinnis
Niall McGinnis as Zeus: Check out the goofy beard (he's in the middle)!

Nigel Green
Nigel Green as Hercules: Ditching the shirt, Old Man Herc!

Michael Gwynn as Hermes
Douglas Wilmer as Pelias
Laurence Naismith as Argus

There are other cast members, but these are the main ones. What I need from you are new, 21st-century cast members! Oh, the glories that will be ours when we see this movie back on the silver screen! Revenge of the Sith? Speak not to me of overblown melodramatic soap operas about whiny boys with father issues! Speak to me of epic storytelling and quests for a stinky ram's skin! Who would you cast, I ask you? Who is worthy?


Blogger Thomas said...

Jason - Keanu Reeves
Medea - Angelina Jolie
Prince Acastus - Edward Norton
Hera - Hilary Swank
Zeus - Gene Hackman
Hercules - Arnold Vosloo

24/5/05 7:06 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

My wife and I both thought Keanu immediately, but I think he might be too old. I thought Ashton Kutcher might work, because he's a doofus. I would also put Penelope Cruz as Medea, because she's even more wooden than Jolie! I love your other choices, though.

25/5/05 8:17 AM  
Blogger Thomas said...

My casting policy would be to put Gene Hackman in every movie. And Edward Norton too.

25/5/05 1:35 PM  

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