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Super Bowl thoughts

I watched the Eagles go down in ignominious defeat 24 years ago in Super Bowl 15 (yes, I know Roman numerals, but isn't it getting a little ridiculous?), so I am very happy that they finally made it back there. Of course, most "experts" are already saying the Patriots are going to beat them in a walk, which is pretty much what most of the "experts" said about the Eagles 24 years ago (Philly was a pretty big favorite, because Oakland was a wild card team -- they were the first wild card team to win the Super Bowl -- and the Eagles had a better team, just not on that day, the anniversary of which is tomorrow, the 25th), so I have some hope. Here's how the Eagles will win:

1. Stop Corey Dillon and the New England running game. Philadelphia just held the number one rushing team in the NFL to 99 yards rushing. Since their loss to Pittsburgh, they have been excellent against the run. They can do it. They might not stop Dillon, but they have a good shot.

2. Commit no turnovers. New England thrives on turnovers (most good teams do). This is easier said than done, since the Patriots are good at forcing turnovers, but again, the Eagles can do it. They don't turn the ball over very often, and McNabb is the first quarterback in history to throw more than 30 touchdown passes with fewer than 10 interceptions. If they don't turn the ball over, they have a very good chance to win. Look at the AFC Championship Game. Pittsburgh turns it over three times in the first half, New England gets 17 points off of them, and it's 24-3 at halftime. If the Steelers don't turn the ball over, it's probably 14-13.

3. Go deep. New England's weakness is its secondary. It's not much of a weakness, but it's still a weakness. Over a week after the fact, and still no one can explain why the Colts didn't throw the ball deep. This used to be something Andy Reid was reluctant to do, but not any more. If they can hit a few deep balls, everything else opens up. Of course, they'll have to protect McNabb, but their offensive line is very good and McNabb is more mobile than either Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger.

I just don't see a blowout. I think New England should win, but there are plenty of reasons why they won't. I want the Eagles to win, and as we get closer to the game and the talk of a New England dynasty gets more heated, I will want the Eagles to beat them by three or four touchdowns. Right now I just want them to win. Stranger things have happened!