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I really try to be less angry, but ...

Okay, I'm not that angry. The world may be going straight to hell, but at least I have a beautiful wife and daughter. Why is the world going straight to hell, you may ask? Well, there's this.

What the hell's going on in Romania? Should people be allowed to have children when they're this old??? I pity that child.

There's the Arizona legislature, that wants to make English the "official" language of our fair state. Whatever. God forbid we make all school children learn more than one language, since it's a global world. We must force everyone to learn English, because English rules! Interestingly enough, for a long time in the 18th and early 19th century, it looked like German might become the predominant language in this fair country. Language is such a politically charged thing these days (what the hell isn't?). When the Arizona legislature says they want to make English the official language of the state, what they mean is "We want all you Mexicans to go home." Arizona has a huge illegal immigration problem. This is a sneaky way of disguising racism.

Arizona also wants to do the old constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, even though gay marriage is against Arizona law. I simply do not understand a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. You can hate homosexuality all you want -- this is America, after all, and being an idiot is a constitutional right! No one, however, not even our esteemed president, has been able to explain to how enshrining marriage in our Constitution (marriage being a Catholic sacrament, after all, so it shouldn't have anything to do with government) makes it stronger, or how gay people are a huge threat to marriage everywhere. Can anyone explain it without resorting to "the Bible says it's wrong"?

On the other hand, the world may be going to hell, but we can laugh along the way. I really hope everyone has already seen this. The X-ray (not shown here) is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time!