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Football thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts about the weekend of football. I didn't watch every single minute of every game, but I watched some. ESPN really ought to hire me, because I'm so much more controversial than their guys!

1. Peyton Manning is a selfish player. Yes, he's very good. But on the first touchdown pass he threw, why did Denver even think it was going to be a run? Manning wants touchdown passes, you fools! Why anyone buys a run fake down there on the goal line against the Colts is a mystery. He's going to throw, because he wants stats! Sheesh.

2. Randy Moss has no class, but mooning the crowd at Lambeau Field was freakin' funny. It's kind of like Adam Sandler -- no, he's not funny in a long movie, but he's mildly amusing in one-minute takes. Moss is ridiculously annoying, but that was a funny, if tasteless, move. Peter King of Sports Illustrated says that mooning the Lambeau Field crowd is like mooning the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Please. They're football fans, meaning they are just as crude and stupid as every other bunch of fans. I'm so sick of everyone treating the Packers like God's gift to football and Lambeau Field like a cathedral. Give me a break. Tasteless? Sure. Funny? Yes. And anytime the Packers lose at home it's a good thing.

3. Speaking of Nancy-Boy Favre, he hasn't made up his mind to retire. I say, come back, Brett! The longer you play, the worse it will be for your legacy and your team. Green Bay will not compete as long as #4 is calling the plays. What a train wreck he has become. I have never liked him, but he used to be decent. Four interceptions, and a completely Nancy-Boy move at the end of the half, when he chickened out and threw a ball well over the line of scrimmage just so he wouldn't get hit. Please come back, Brett! Who else could throw 17 interceptions (and four in a playoff game) and still get mentioned as a elite quarterback? You need to come back to make all the "experts" look even dumber!

4. Sean Salisbury is already predicting a Vikings win at Philadelphia this weekend. I hope more people jump on the Vikings bandwagon. Part of the Eagles' problem the last few years is all the pressure on them. They need to be the underdog for a change. So, all you experts -- pick Minnesota! Boy, that Daunte Culpepper -- McNabb sucks compared to him! And the Randy Moss -- yes, he's on one leg, but he can burn anyone! And that Minnesota defense -- wow, it's like the '85 Bears!