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Random thoughts, or why I shouldn't read the newspapers because the news depresses me so

David of Clandestine Critic makes nice comments on this blog, and he dropped my name in his review of Warren Ellis's Apparat books, which apparently he and I and only about ten other people on the planet even read, so I thought I'd give him a shout-out. Check him out here. If I ever figure out how to set up links on my sidebar, I'll put him there. Thanks, David!

So my wife sent me this story. I am the proud father of a young daughter, with another one on the way, and I think I would rather be staked to an anthill and covered with honey than allow any daughter of mine to leave the house dressed like this. A lady in the article says she would allow her daughter to wear this to her prom. Sometimes I'm totally on board with conservative Christians about how our country is sinking in a moral cesspool. Of course, then they go and call SpongeBob gay, and I can smile again.

Moving on, we get this story. You can actually click on a section to see some of the artist's work. This is a 17-year-old girl who is pretty damned good, if I do say so myself, and certain teachers want to censor her because they think she's picking on Christianity. Well, maybe she is, maybe she isn't. Two points about this: are we really trying to stifle a teenager's creativity? Shouldn't we be amazed by how impressive this girl is? And why do Christians (the ones who make the papers, that is, and not a majority of them) seem so insecure about their faith that they must crush someone who might challenge it? Shouldn't they just say, "Whatever"?

Finally, I heard on Pardon the Interruption today that there is a state senator in Ohio who wants to bring back cockfighting because he says outlawing it a few years ago put a lot of people out of a job. He wants to put small boxing gloves on the roosters so they don't really hurt each other. Yeah, read that one more time. I haven't found the news story in cyberspace, but I hope it's true. Can anyone confirm it? As Kornheiser said, how do you run on that platform -- "Vote for me, because I brought back cockfighting!" And just so you know that I don't only bash Republicans, he's a Democrat. Unglaublich.