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Really? We're angry about this?

People have got all bent out of shape about an Absolut ad. Now, they're crazy conservatives who have called for a boycott on Michelle Malkin's web site, but still, they're presumably regular people, with jobs and spouses and children and, you know, things to do. Yet they're getting pissy about an advertisement, because it ... well, I'm not really sure why they're pissed. It has something to do with those brown people coming up here, trimming our lawns and harvesting our oranges and stealing our white women (and, presumably, Asian immigrant women)! Damn them! I'm not quite sure how a vodka company contributes to all those swarthy, sweaty people flooding into our pure, virginal land, but I'm sure if you head on over to Malkin's site she can explain it much better than I can. Here's the offending ad, by the way:

You know, it's a historical map, people. Yes, I can see that people would be angry because it claims that in a "perfect" world, all of that would still be Mexico, but you know what, conservatives? You're still grumpy that we don't have Cuba under our little thumb. It's kind of a right of people to bitch about land lost in a war. I mean, it's a vodka ad. Lighten up, conservatives!

Of course, if there's someone somewhere threatening to have fun, Christians will be there to shut it down! A Christian radio network is grumpy about "Wacky Week" at an elementary school in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. The crime? They suggested that the kids dress up, either as senior citizens or - wait for it - the opposite sex. You know that once a boy puts on a dress, he immediately becomes gay! The opposition to this was spearheaded by Jim Schneider, the program director, who says that the school district is striking at the heart and core of Biblical values. The principal says they've never had a problem, the day went off without a hitch, and they'll do it again. Good for her! Aren't there, you know, real problems in the world for Christians to tackle? Shouldn't they be writing to the president to protest his support of China? The last time I checked, China was doing worse things to Christians than a little "cross-dressing."

Sheesh. People have way too much time on their hands. Yes, the irony of a blogger pointing this out doesn't escape me. Still, at least I use my idle time to write about comic books and my favorite songs. That's constructive!

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Blogger GayProf said...

I saw the uproar about this ad, too. It seems to me that Americans can't stand the idea that U.S. imperialism isn't celebrated everywhere.

12/4/08 8:04 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

That's true, sir. I certainly can understand some hardcore conservatives getting peeved about this, but it's certainly true that the U. S. just went in and took it. Mexicans are probably a bit grumpy about this.

12/4/08 8:55 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

Living in Texas, I can assure you that map isn't really too far off the mark.

If we really wanna get serious about slving the illegal immigrant problem, there's one surefire solution... take Mexico. Yup, just go ahead and do one last land grab. Take it, tax the hell outta the tourism industry (that's nearly 100% funded by Americans anyway) and use that money to clean up the water & improve other infrastructures. We're supporting the country anyway - shouldn't we be getting something out of it?

Think of the money we'd save that we're currently squandering trying (pitifully) to combat the illegal immigration problems. Think of the billions of dollars we'd be spared from that whole Border Fence boondoggle!

17/4/08 7:58 PM  

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