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Back to the coast with Picture Day!

For Memorial Day in 1995 Krys and I took a short trip to Florence, Oregon, and various places between Florence and Portland. It was a nice trip - the weather was spectacular and we got to check out the sand dunes of Florence, which is part of its charm and tourist appeal. We also drove further down the coast than we had previously, so that was neat.

This is just a typical Oregon coast photo. Beautiful scenery, a lighthouse, a road, a tiny beach - that's just the way it is!

I mentioned the sand dunes in Florence. Here's Krys hanging out on the sand. We saw some people with a dachshund out on the dunes. I suppose it's kind of cruel, but we couldn't stop laughing at the dog trying to run on the sand. You haven't seen funny until you've seen a wiener dog trying to run on sand. On second thought, it's probably not that cruel. It's not like the dog was in any kind of pain. He just went straight down instead of forward. Classic.

More dunes. Just because I can.

I'm not sure what that house is, but if it's a residence, it would be a cool place to live. Except in the winter, of course, when the weather is yucky. I'm not sure what it is, though. Looks cool.

We drove up 101 from Florence on our way home and stopped at the appropriately named Seal Rock. Those things on the rocks are sea lions. No, they're not seals. Whatever. They hang out and sun themselves with impunity, because those damned liberals won't let anyone shoot them. Stupid liberals!

It was a very nice weekend. I again implore you to visit the Oregon coast. It's groovy.

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Blogger Ashley said...

It looks a lot like Ireland - along the Dingle Peninsula.

I do need to go to Oregon sometime.

9/5/06 6:20 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I would agree, Ashley, even though I've never been to Ireland (I would love to go). So many places to visit, so little time!

10/5/06 10:23 AM  
Blogger Nik said...

Did you go down to the seal cave? Pretty cool, you take the elevator down to a view of the inside of their cave. And the smell, why, it's unforgettable!

10/5/06 11:33 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, Nik, we went down there. Neat stuff. Too dark for pictures!

10/5/06 3:36 PM  

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