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Stealing an idea

I decided to steal an idea from Chris Brown, because that's just the way I am. I was thinking of doing what he did last year: exchange CDs with anyone who wants to do so.

Some of my loyal readers participated in his "Mixed Bag" CD exchange. Chris has been ill recently and is just getting back to blogging, so I doubt if he's going to have another CD swap anytime soon, and I thought it would be fun. So here's what we're going to do:

1. Anyone who reads this can participate. Simply e-mail me with your name and address. If you want to participate, you have to give me your real name. I will collect all your addresses and then send them out in a group e-mail to all the participants.

2. I figure 15 people is a good limit, me included, meaning 14 of you can send me e-mails. This is a good number because:
a. I doubt if I have more than 15 regular readers;
b. Any more and the amount of music becomes daunting.

3. The end date for participating is next Wednesday, the 15th of February. That way people can make their CDs and send them out by the end of the month or so.

4. Of course, I might not get any participants, in which case I will be sad and probably jump off a bridge somewhere. If I have close to the limit by next week, I may extend the deadline in case some latecomer wants to join, or we may just go with fewer than 15. I have no illusions about the popularity of my blog.

This is a fun thing to do - I heard a lot of cool music last year and actually went out and bought some CDs based on the music I received (as I pointed out here). It's interesting to listen to others' taste in music, too. Nothing is forbidden - if you want to subject us all to the greatest hits of James Last, go for it. I would hope, however, that you wouldn't include music by, say, this band. I would also hope that you would warn us if the music is not "work safe" - I certainly don't mind some vulgar language, unlike the NFL, but others like to play their CDs loud at work, and it would be unfortunate if someone loses their job at the church because some song told them to worship Satan.

All right, people, let's get e-mailing! You don't want me to jump off a bridge, do you? If you don't care about me, think of the children!


Blogger Ashley said...

I am going take this opportunity to plug my friend Tom's (herestomwiththeweather) website:

This is how it works - you sign up (free) and you inventory all the CDs and books you own and that you don't mind loaning out. You can open your inventory to other registered stuffopolis users, or you can limit it to people you 'know' online by exchanging email addresses and registering as 'friends.' This way, you have an electronic record of who has your CDs and a reminder of the CDs you have borrowed from others.

It's a virtual lending library. I have a DVD I borrowed from Tom almost a year ago and he told me he's not concerned about it as it's on his 'virtual bookshelf.'


7/2/06 6:03 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

I'm going to decline the CD invite. It just seems easier to make a few suggestions and download what might interest you rather than go through the shipping charges, etc...

But if were going to make a mix tape the following bands would probably be on it:

Bloc Party (rock)

The Strokes (rock)

Danko Jones (rock)

Lost Patrol (acoustic)

Cody Chestnutt (soul)

Dennis Wilson, the Pacific Ocean Blue album

Mondo Generator (metal)

Mark Lanegan, the Field Songs album. (alternative)

The Desert Sessions, Volume 7&8 (rock, although fairly wide ranging in style)

Billy Talent (rock/punk)

The Arcade Fire (you know this one already)

9/2/06 1:41 PM  

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