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More of southern Utah's National Parks!

Last week I mentioned that the day we visited Bryce Canyon was the birthday of the National Park System, so we got in free. Oh Happy Day! We zipped around the park and found ourselves with plenty of time to visit another one (remember, we were traveling cross-country and didn't have a steady source of income, so FREE! was a good thing). If you check the map, you'll see how close Bryce Canyon is to Zion National Park. So we were off!

Zion isn't as distinctive as Bryce, but it's more majestic. You drive down into the canyon, bordered on both sides by beautiful mountains like this:
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There are a lot of neat free-standing monolithic rocks in the park, too:
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Way down in the canyon is a picnic area around a wide part of the stream that cut the damned thing in the first place. It's a very peaceful spot - or it would have been without all the families with screaming kids running around. Stupid kids - who would ever start a family???? Krys and I both waded into the stream (man, was the water cold) and I took this picture of my lovely wife. She allowed me to post it because, according to her, she was thin then, implying that she is somehow not anymore (something I find ridiculous). So gaze upon my lovely wife getting all adventurous in a foot of water!
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As we left the park, I got one more shot of the imposing canyon walls. Feel the majesty!
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The next day we drove south into Arizona. Little did we know we'd return eight years later. This is on the border, near Glen Canyon on the Colorado River. For those of you who live in Arizona and are looking at these pictures, that blue stuff is called "water." Occasionally it falls from the sky, although you wouldn't know it recently here.
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Now that we were in Arizona, there was only one place we could go. Next week: the big surprise!¹

¹ No points if you guess where we headed next. It's Arizona - there's really only one thing to see here.


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