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Why Richard Nixon is roasting in hell right now

Thirty-six years ago today this college football game took place. Richard Nixon, who apparently had nothing better to do that day, flew in to watch. He said that the winner of the game would be the National Champion. When Texas won, wussy sportswriters voted Texas #1 after they won the Cotton Bowl a month later.

Why does this event reserve Richard Nixon a special place in hell? If you've read this blog faithfully (and I know there are a few of you!), you know that in 1969 my alma mater, Penn State, was in the middle of a 31-game unbeaten streak and was about to finish its second straight 11-0 season. But because Nixon wanted Texas to win the Championship, they did. Joe Paterno and Penn State waited another 14 years to get a National Championship. They have won two but have been shafted out of at least two others (1969 and 1994). So Richard Nixon is broiling in hell. Serves him right.


Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, if Nixon is rotting in hell - and I'm ambivalent about its existence - then it'd be over his extension of the VietNam WAr, or some fun thing like that.

7/12/05 8:15 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

You see, Roger, that's what people generally think. But it's really because of this. Trust me!

7/12/05 8:21 AM  

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