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Picture day takes us deep into Dixie!

You know, after I typed that post title, I realized that some perverts might take it the wrong way. Get out of here, perverts! This is a family blog! I meant the southern states of this great land!

Continuing our photographic voyage across this land of the free and home of the brave, after Krys and I left Leesburg, VA, and the comfort of my sister's house, we drove south along Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. It shore was purty!

Here is a fine photo of a scene from nature. Ah, nature!
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We stopped at Dark Hollow Falls. I imagine it's spooky at night, but it wasn't during the day. Krys and I dig waterfalls. This was the first of many waterfalls we would stop and see along the way. Note how Krys is tempting sheer death by going so close to the falls!
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This is a typical picture along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's a very nice drive. I recommend it.
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We spent the night near Asheville, NC, (home of the beautiful Biltmore Estate) which I have now visited twice in my life. It's actually a very nice city. We drove through it and camped. In this tent is where Krys and I slept for a little over three weeks every night but two. It was somewhat cramped, in case you weren't sure.
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We drove through Great Smoky National Park, where we took no pictures because we didn't stop. Why not, say you? The crowds were awful. Just awful. Screw that. When we came out of the park, we were in Tennessee, and those "in the know" know exactly what's on that side of the Great Smoky Mountains: Pigeon Forge! Home of Dollywood and Hee-Haw!
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We fled Pigeon Forge as quickly as we could. Sorry, it's just not our thing.

So we drove into Tennessee. Next week: more of the Southland!


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