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The great American pastime - picking football games!

Let's check out the participants this week:

Arizona (-3) 27, SAN FRANCISCO 24. Yes, I'm predicting a road Cardinals win. The 49ers will play well, but it seems like Arizona is playing a little better now that they're completely out of the playoff race. If they can't make the playoffs, why should they want Matt Leinart?
MIAMI (-4) 24, Buffalo 14. It's in Miami, so in a battle of bad teams, the Dolphins should be less bad.
Cincinnati (+3.5) 21, Pittsburgh 17. Forgive me, Woody - I know I have jinxed the Bengals with this pick, but I think the Steelers are ripe for the upset. They're still whining about the crowd noise in Indianapolis, for crying out loud!
BALTIMORE (-8.5) 21, Houston 19. This is a HUGE line for a bad Ravens team. Houston keeps losing, but they've been in a lot of games. I predict they miss a two-point conversion near the end to lose.
INDIANAPOLIS (-15) 30, Tennessee 17. I hope the Colts go undefeated and then lose in the second round of the playoffs. That would rule. Here's why I should be a head coach: How to beat the Colts: jump around on defense and never let Manning get a good read. Bring everyone close to the line of scrimmage. Make Edgerrin James beat you - you have to pick your poison, and he's the one I would pick. Beat the hell out of the receivers as they come off the line. Bring rushers from different places. Make the Colts go the whole field in long drives - again, they can do it, but I think they'd rather not. Control time of possession. Where's my head coaching job, NFL?
CLEVELAND (+3) 17, Jacksonville 13. HUGE trap game for the Jaguars. They had an emotional road win, their starting quarterback is out for the year, they have the Colts coming up - another pick sure to piss off one of my sort-of regular readers, but I have to go where my feeble brain takes me!
Dallas (+3) 21, NEW YORK GIANTS 20. Two teams that should send thank-you notes to, in order, the Atlanta Falcons (for messing up Donovan McNabb on opening night) and Terrell Owens (for putting a stake in an already screwed-up season). I'm sorry, but neither of these teams impresses me. If the Eagles were healthy and undivided, Philadelphia would be running away with this division. This is a battle to see who loses in the first round of the playoffs.
CHICAGO (-7) 14, Green Bay 10. Okay, I'm picking the Bears! Are we all happy now?
Minnesota (-2.5) 24, DETROIT 10. The Cardinals or the Lions - who is a worse franchise? Good job, Matt Millen - blame everyone but yourself. If he had any class, he'd resign.
CAROLINA (-3) 27, Atlanta 21. I know Vick does well against the Panthers, but this game is in Charlotte and this year the Panthers are a little better than the Falcons. It wouldn't surprise me either way the game goes.
Tampa (-3.5) 24, NEW ORLEANS 13. The Saints had their gift win last week. Now they can return to sucking.
ST. LOUIS (+3) 28, Washington 20. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Harvard grad, gets the start! Washington is circling the drain, and the Rams have their receivers back.
NEW ENGLAND (-10) 31, New York Jets 17. I knew the Jets were bad last week, but I thought the Saints were worse. The Patriots will not allow New York to win this one.
Denver (-1.5) 20, KANSAS CITY 17. Another tough game, because the Chiefs are so good at home. I just think that the Broncos have more to play for.
SAN DIEGO (-11) 35, Oakland 24. Here's a thought - just give the ball to Tomlinson until someone stops him. Last week, when the Chargers did that, they stormed back and won the game in OT. Shocking!
PHILADELPHIA (+4) 24, Seattle 20 (Monday night). This is a pure homer pick, but it has some logic. The Seahawks had a HUGE emotional win at home last week in overtime, and now they have to go east. The Eagles finally proved they could win a game last week (even though it was against the Packers), and they're finally running the ball. It's at home. Seattle is a better team, but I think they're ripe for the upset.

Last week I went 10-4, so I'm 99-61 for the year. Ah, I can hear the radio stations calling offering me my own handicapping show!


Blogger Thomas said...

I am still doing Netflix but sometimes they don't mail movies fast enough, Greg.

When are you going to have us recast another movie?

3/12/05 12:09 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

You're weird, Thomas - you could comment about this one your own blog, you know.

I have actually been thinking about recasting another movie for a while. Look for something this coming week! It's a doozy!

3/12/05 12:37 PM  
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