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The pictures reveal the most shocking truth!

All right, so maybe that's hyperbole. But they reveal some truth - it might not be shocking, but the camera never lies!!!!

First, we have my friend John. John recently got married - congratulations, John! I'm rather stunned by the news. John is ... well, weird. I will spare you the weird things he used to do, because they are just so weird. Really weird. You think I'm weird - I'm like a Lutheran minister compared to John! Despite that, he's a cool guy. He introduced me to such bands as Mucky Pup, Gorilla Biscuits, and Ice-T. Thanks to him, I know that T breaks ill in extra large portions! He's a bird watcher. Seriously. He goes around the country watching birds. He might be doing other stuff now, but he's still a bird watcher. He's in San Diego now, and I hope he's enjoying his life with his new wife.
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This is where I lived at Penn State - Hamilton Hall. What a cool place. I lived there all four years. Off-campus living? Not for me!
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I miss Pennsylvania. Such a nice state, with such nice natural beauty.
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This is my friend Dave. We all saw Dave last week, and here he is again. You must bow down before the HAIR! THE HAIR!!!!
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Finally, we have the gang. Sorry it's such a lousy picture. That's Dave in the back, his engineer friend Chris Puccio (where have you gone, Puccio?) with the baseball cap on, John in front looking pensive, and Jim without the shirt on. You'll notice the PSU on his chest (it was a football game day). It's not painted on. It's his chest hair. He shaved all his chest hair except for the letters. That's dedication, baby!
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I know, they're not as exotic as Australia, but you have to admit - they're pretty disturbing!


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