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After a week off, Picture Day is back!

Well, I know you're all dying to see more of New Zealand, and I will accommodate you. Sorry about skipping last week - I was going to post photos on Monday or Tuesday, but real life intruded and I never got around to it.¹

So, anyway, in case you're wondering, this is the North Island of New Zealand.
North Island
I mentioned two weeks ago that we ended up in Napier, on the east coast of the island. You can see it if you squint. Anyway, in the 1930s Napier was largely destroyed by an earthquake, and they rebuilt the sucker in architecture that was in vogue back then, namely, Art Deco! Art Deco, in case you don't know, is excellent. If we all built buildings in Art Deco style, we'd all be happier and conservatives and liberals would walk down the street holding hands and singing "We Are The World." But no - we have left Art Deco behind, and things suck. Thanks, architects!

Here are some pictures of the buildings in Napier. Soak in the beauty! The first one is the Criterion Hotel:

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The second one is, well, I don't know. Who cares? It's awesome.

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And finally, the Daily Telegraph Building. I assume it's the local rag.

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This picture is of my friend Theresa, the wacky Filipino from New Jersey. She's standing by a sign for a store called Three Times A Lady. You can't really tell because of the glare, but it's a store for women of size 16 or larger. It's a store for large women and it's called Three Times A Lady. Ponder that for a while. I made Theresa pose there (the women can't resist me!) because she's wee.

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I'm not sure where this next picture is. It's the same night as the other pictures, but we were on the road a lot, so it might be in Napier, or it might be in our next stop, Taupo (check the map). I think it's in Taupo because of what it is. You say, "Greg, do we really need to see you in a pool?" And I say, well, no, but it's an outdoor pool. "So?" say you, blissful in your ignorance. And I say, it's an outdoor pool at night. Those of you in Arizona say, "I swim at midnight here, because the water is 85 degrees!" And I retort that it's an outdoor pool, at night, in the middle of the New Zealand winter, which is somewhat cold. And finally you scratch your puzzler and say, "How can it be?" Well, it's heated by underground hot springs, and it's a big hit among the townspeople. That's why I'm pretty sure it's in Taupo - it's sitting on a bunch o' hot springs. I think it's cool, and I wish I lived near a pool heated by hot springs. Is that too much to ask?

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Two weeks ago I published this photo of my friend Lisa, in which she made a nasty face because of some bad food she got at McDonald's. Well, that's not the worst picture I have of Lisa. After she got out of the pool, she looked like a zombie. Fear her!

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Don't let her eat your brains! She didn't like the McDonald's food, but she might enjoy your gray matter!

So that's the latest installment of Greg's pictures. Next week, I will prove to you that I may be the stupidest person in the world, but I am not a coward! I am brave, damn it! Can you figure out what I did?²

¹ "Real life?" you say. "How dare you have a life outside of the computer! You exist to entertain us!" Well, yes, but when the children are writhing on the floor in piles of their own filth moaning with hunger because I'm too busy on the Internet, I have to do something. I mean, they're annoying me. So you must forgive me.
² Come on, people, it's New Zealand! Use your imagination!


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