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Here's a meme I'm happy to do!

Will Pfeifer came up with his own meme. Check it out to read the particulars, but let's just say that I'd like to know Tom Cruise's answers to these questions!

1. Have you ever enslaved a population? Only briefly, as an experiment. It worked well.
2. Have you ever debased a nation's currency? I've tried, but the bolivar is too strong!
3. Have you ever killed the wrong person? Is killing anyone ever killing the "wrong" person?
4. Have you ever torn out someone's tongue? Does mine count?
5. Have you ever been a professional critic? In my utopia, all professional critics will be killed. Or critiqued. Whichever is worse for them.
6. Have you ever wiped out a family? Some day I will tell you all of my exploits in 15th-century Spain. Good times.
7. Have you ever tried to give sanity a bad name? Aren't I doing that right now?
8. Have you consistently practiced sex in some unnatural fashion? I love the word "consistently" in this question. That means I can answer "No."
9. Have you ever made a planet, or nation, radioactive? I wish.
10. Have you ever made love to a dead body? Well, one girl once lay there like she was dead, but I suppose I shouldn't get into that here.
11. Have you ever engaged in piracy? With a name like Yellow Pete Drake, of course I have!
12. Have you ever been a pimp? Only for my daughters' ... blog. (You like how I did that?)
13. Have you ever eaten a human body? Icky. I prefer wholesome foods like pigs' knuckles and squid in its own ink.
14. Have you ever disfigured a beautiful thing?

This wasn't an accident, you know! That'll teach them to keep me out of the Louvre just because I was wearing my American flag shirt with the "France Sucks" logo. Posted by Hello
15. Have you ever exterminated a species? Well, I thought I took care of it with the coelacanth, but the damned thing came back!
16. Have you ever been a professional executioner? It's only a hobby.
17. Have you ever given robots a bad name? I named my Japanese sex robot Miss Bootytacular, which, upon reflection, wasn't that good a name. Is that what they mean?
18. Have you ever set a booby trap? Booby. Hee-hee.
19. Have you ever failed to rescue your leader? Never. As I plan to be Supreme Leader some day, if anyone failed to rescue me, they would face dire consequences. So I set a good example and always rescue mine, until the day comes when I am strong enough, and then ... but I've said too much already.

Now that's what I call a meme!


Blogger Lisa said...

Yes, I liked the way you answered no. 12. Very good, you clever monkey.

27/6/05 5:05 PM  

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