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What a gamer!

Man, this is pretty gruesome, but cool:

A newspaper photographer at a high school state track championships in Provo was speared through the leg by a javelin.

Holy crap. The guy wasn't hurt too badly, as the javelin missed anything vital. Not only that, he snapped a picture of his own leg (see it below, and no, it's not that bad, but it is freaky). The guy was in an off-limits section, so it's his own damned fault!

There are a couple of funny things about this. The track coach had the line of the day: "Good thing we brought a second javelin." That's gold! The photographer, an ex-Marine who spent six months in Afghanistan, also had a zinger: "They don't have javelins in Afghanistan. That's where I'm lucky." Oh, it's all fun and games when someone gets speared through the leg with a javelin! But what about the kid who threw it? Well, after freaking out for a minute, he won the state title. Man, everyone is a gamer in this story!

I found the photograph here. Check it out:

Good stuff!

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