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As usual, I'm puzzled by people with far more money than I have

"Disheartening." "I don't have any respect for him." "Coward." "Hypocrite." "Quitter." These are just some of the things the Atlanta Falcons are saying about their ex-coach, Bobby Petrino, who ditched them yesterday to bolt back to college, where he took the Arkansas position. Petrino learned what a lot of college coaches from big conferences learn: it's a lot easier to win 11-12 games at a college football factory than in the NFL, where everyone is pretty good. I don't understand why college coaches are so eager to go to the pros. They make pretty good money in college (Petrino will take a pay cut from 4 to a little over 2 million dollars a year, which is the kind of pay cut I could live with) and they certainly don't have as much pressure on them. Let some assistant coach on another pro team move up in the ranks! Petrino is an asshole, no doubt, because he ditched the team with three games left in the season even though he always told his shitty team (the Falcons are 3-10) to play four quarters each game. Good job, Coach! But all coaches lie, so we shouldn't be surprised. Arkansas drove Houston Nutt (what a great name!) out of Fayetteville for some off-field stuff, but also because they thought he didn't win enough. Well, the team is in the SEC, usually cited as the toughest conference in the country, and he won 9 games four times in 10 years, won the SEC West twice, and finished with a record of 75-48, including 42-38 in-conference. You're Arkansas! Frank Broyles isn't coming back, and you're not winning any more National Championships (Arkansas has actually won one, in 1964). Deal with it. Good luck with Petrino, especially when he ditches you in a year or two.

However, this isn't a rant about what an asshole Petrino is. Those same players who were so offended by Petrino running out on them were the ones wearing the "Free Mick Vick" T-shirts under their jerseys this past Monday night. Mike Vick, who pleaded guilty. Mike Vick, who finally admitted that he actually killed dogs. Mike Vick, who is by all accounts a total scumbag. The Falcon players are justifiably angry that their coach left, but they support a dog-killing asshole like Mike Vick. It just shows us, once again, that people are idiots. What a bunch of assholes all around.

I mentioned a while back that I didn't think Vick would miss another season, because of his celebrity status. I'm kind of surprised the judge dropped the hammer on him, but then I heard that he did finally admit that he killed dogs and didn't just pass them on to his buddies to kill. As usual, lying to a judge gets you in more trouble than doing something wrong. Vick is gone for next year, and I have my doubts if he will ever play again. And you know what? I don't care. Let him get a real fucking job like everyone else. Maybe he can go coach on Bobby Petrino's staff!

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