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Picture Day goes back to PA

In November 1999 Krys and I went back to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Pennsylvania in the autumn is very neat, but by late November it's pretty much winter, but that doesn't mean things are any less picturesque! Luckily (for whom, I don't know), I brought my camera!

There are lots of cool road names around where I grew up. Here are some of them!

And, of course, along the Delaware River sits the village of ...

Devil's Half Acre!!!!

Also along the Delaware is the town of New Hope. New Hope is known primarily for its, well, gayness. It's an artists' colony, and there are plenty of very neat places to shop and eat and hang out, but these days it's known as a place where those gay people can go and be fabulous. It's in New Hope that I experienced my only gay bar! It's a beautiful town, with lots of old buildings and neat streets and the river and the Delaware Canal, of which this is a picture:

The world-famous Bucks County Playhouse is in New Hope, too!

Here's another typical New Hope scene: a nice stream leading down to the river.

One of the nice things about going back East is the feeling of age. Around where I grew up, there are a ton of places that are shameless in proclaiming that George Washington slept there. I just like the look of these old houses. They look sturdy, unlike the crap people build these days.

Finally, there's Krys, my friend Ken, and my mother. We had a very nice day in New Hope.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoy checking out early winter scenes in Pennsylvania!

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