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The World Cup starts today. In fact, Germany is playing Costa Rica right now!!!! I love the World Cup. Soccer on television can be boring, but a cool thing about it is that, like baseball, you can have it on in the background and just pay attention to it vaguely and you can still get all you need out of it. People who watch baseball but call soccer boring are weird.

It's a national holiday in Costa Rica today. How cool is that?

Germany scored 5 minutes in. Beautiful shot. Costa Rica is going to lose big time, I think. Go Germany!!!!

Costa Rica tied in 10 minutes in. Nice pass to an onside - just barely - player. Still, I think Germany will win. They should. Go Germany!!!!

(By the way, the cryptic title of this post refers to the 1990 World Cup, when Cameroon advanced to the quarterfinals. My roommate in college spent the summer in Austria and met a Cameroonian (?) who was very excited about his country's run. At one point while they were at a bar watching, the guy just kept jumping up and shouting "Camerooooooooon!!!!!" I love that people get so excited about this. Americans don't get it, which is kind of a shame.)

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Blogger GodWarrior said...

You seem like someone who has a love for the Lord. If you want to prevent yourself from going to Hell (like many of your peers), read my blog.
God belss,
The God Warrior
P.S. Stay away from Black people.

9/6/06 10:30 AM  
Blogger Jake said...

GodWarrior is very perceptive. When I read about Costa Rica tying the game ten minutes in, I said, "Greg sure loves the Lord."

9/6/06 11:17 AM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Greg- You've got some, er, interesting correspondents. I wonder if I should tell him I'm black.

9/6/06 12:17 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Roger: I did check out his blog, and it appears to be very satirical. At least I hope it is, because if it isn't, I'm afraid.

But, it should be noted, the Lord does approve of the World Cup.

9/6/06 12:38 PM  
Blogger john sweet said...

I agree, Greg. I mean, I laughed uproarously at snippets like the fun fact that "Mexican" means "criminal" in Spanish and the obviously over-the-top stereotypes of "Blacks... the other Mexican."

I then thought of some of the ignorance I have heard spewed from the mouths of Nazi skin-heads and that skinny blonde beeotch...

I hope this is a Mencia-esque type of humor.


11/6/06 4:12 AM  
Blogger Roxy said...

Yes, but did you watch the game this morning? The US team looks like a bunch of amateur, high school ballers chasing an elusive round object.

We did, however, watch the first 5 games while we were in Germany and the resulting parades after Deutschland won their first match!

12/6/06 3:56 PM  
Blogger john sweet said...

Alas, Roxy... I did watch the match. Took a vacation day and went to my favorite watering hole. Ended up feeling like a total waste of money and a vacation day. No energy from Sam's Army. Only two decent goal scoring chances.

I kinda get sick of watching the Americans who seem to have some kind of finesse thing they try to exploit, with dinky passes into the box which are easily defended against or intercepted. Might be they try to draw fouls in the box... but since this strategem is so easily defended against, why should they expect to draw fouls?

I would like to see a little power in there... get the ball to the endline and draw some corners, and then get someone in there that can be a force on those corners. And, for a few players to be a bit more selfish and to take some shots.


13/6/06 4:01 AM  

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