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Why can't sports commentators get poor Dirk Nowitski's name right?

It's "No-VIT-ski," not "No-WIT-ski." Just because there's a "W" in the middle of the name doesn't mean he's not German, and therefore pronounces it like a German - with the "W" pronounced as a "V." I have heard him say it, so I know it's right. Why don't people who talk about sports on television know? Can't they ask him?

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Blogger Jake said...

I think its for the same reason some news anchors affect a Spanish accent when they say certain Spanish words (i.e. "HuAHTahmahlah will feel the effects of depressed boorrRREETo sales...") while others don't. As a former sports/newscaster, I think it is a conscious decision on each announcers part to either acknowledge the foreign aspect of the name or to Americanize it.

30/5/06 10:05 PM  

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