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Never come between a woman and her interior decorating!

A month ago I sort of mocked my wife right here on this blog! Okay, I didn't really mock her, I just mentioned her delightful quote. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut, because we got two of the switchplates in the mail this week, and they're kind of sweet:

That second one is a representation of a floor tile from the church of Saint Catherine of Siena. Is that in Siena? Anyway, those are cool switchplates. However, I stand by my gentle mockery. She was surfing this switchplate site and was putting plates in a shopping cart just for fun. She mentally went around the house and replaced all our switchplates. Just ours, mind you, and she had just one switchplate for each bank of switches. Her shopping cart had over $500 in it! She did not spend that much, of course, but these two were pretty spendy for switchplates, I think. You must still look upon them with envy!

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