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24 February 1500, 1525, 1530

Emperor Charles V experiences some important events.

I have mentioned this most famous of Habsburg emperors before, but 24 February is his big day. First, he was born on this date in 1500. By the time he was 19 his father and grandfather were dead, his insane mother was locked up in Spain, and he was master of more land in Europe than anyone since the Roman Empire. So how did Charles celebrate his 25th birthday? With a huge victory of his enemy the king of France, François I at the Battle of Pavia in northern Italy! At Pavia, Charles even captured the French king, which had to be humiliating. François spent a year in Madrid as a prisoner, and Spain dominated the Italian peninsula for years. This is significant because Charles basically took the pope prisoner, and that same pope, under Charles' instruction, refused to grant Henry VIII a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, who happened to be Charles' aunt. Ah, history is so neat when it all ties together!

Finally, in 1530, Charles had the pope, Clement VII, officially crown him in Bologna on this date. He had been emperor for 11 years, but there's nothing like a good ceremony! He was crowned in Bologna because Charles' troops had kind of destroyed Rome earlier. That must have been an awkward ceremony.

Charles was the most powerful man in Europe for 40 years and one of the most powerful rulers of all time. In 1559, worn out by religious battles with Martin Luther, he retired to a monastery. Interesting guy.