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Just when you think our president couldn't be any more of a tool ...

Bush was unaware of the ports deal before its approval. Remember "the buck stops here"? Remember when politicians governed? Bush doesn't know what Congress is doing, he doesn't know what's going on in Iraq, and he doesn't know what his own administration is doing! Now, I can forgive his ignorance on a lot of things, but when it deals with national security, the only reason people re-elected him, one would think he'd take a bigger interest. He has proven to be the worst two-term president in history (I'd stick some one-term losers ahead of him). It's very unlikely, but how bizarre would it be if a Republican-controlled Congress impeaches him? Would they take those steps, because Bush is not a Republican and so is fair game, or do they think it would destroy the party? I think that would strengthen the Republicans, actually, because it would show they don't take this crap from the dictator. I think handing over the ports is a stupid idea, but whatever - Bush is the king, and we allowed him this unlimited power, so shame on us. What I can't believe is that every time he opens his mouth these days, we see more and more that he's a sock puppet. Why is Steven Grant the only one who calls it like it is?


Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

I TOLD you that you shouldn't have voted for him.

23/2/06 11:44 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

I would have put out my own eye if I voted for him. I wanted to vote for a third-party guy, but I ended up voting for Kerry in the hopes he would beat Bush. Too bad about that.

23/2/06 12:03 PM  
Anonymous Frank Frank said...

Ok, look. I don't think I'm that naiive, but who knows? Why is everyone in such a huge uproar about this business deal?
The same people are going to be working at these ports, the same people are going to be middle-managing them, the same U.S. Coast Gaurd is going to be monitoring the traffic coming in, and the same U.S. Customs agents are going to be checking the cargo. The only thing different is who's gonna be making the profits.
It's not like, "once them arabs take over, there's gonna be a boat full of terrorists and nukuler bombs emptyin out on our shores!"
All the furvor over this is political in nature, and spun just right to get everyone worried about it.
My $0.02. Maybe I'm a commie.

25/2/06 12:07 PM  

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