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A few fun links while I'm still stewing about this weekend's football

I'll probably have something about football, but I'm just so grumpy about it. Until then, here's some fun links!

"Pornographic" snowboards? Why not? Okay, they're not really pornographic, but that doesn't mean uptight people can't call them that! Here's the original news story. Silly but fun!

Speaking of silly but fun, I'm sure many of you were unaware that a contest held last week in Paris crowned a man and a woman who had the world's best ... well, ass. Okay, it was called the "Best Bottom" contest, but we know it's all about the ass! Here and here are a few news stories about the huge event, and of course, there's a slideshow. Of course, if you don't want to click the link, I stole some pictures:

The guy is French, while the woman is Brazilian. Before you think, "Well, of course a Brazilian woman won!" last year's winner was Romanian. Eastern Europe represent! And I love that dude in the second picture. It's like it's the closest he's ever gotten to a woman's posterior and he's desperately trying not to drop the camera.

Finally, we get one of the spookiest photographs you will ever see:

What the crap is Ronald McDonald doing? Is he attempting some kind of mind control? The blog from where I snatched the photo has some theories.

Now I'm frightened and I need to go lie down. Brrrrr ...

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